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  • The Effects Of Accident On A Car Accident

    ever been in a car accident? Let me tell you, every accident is different. No-body knows how an accident will happen or the outcome of an accident. All accidents are defined by the severity. All accidents impact a person. Nobody understands an impact of an accident on a person until it happens to them. I remember the first time I got in a car accident. I was as scared as a little kid when it happened. I was only a sophomore. I had just got my license two months before my accident. People always

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  • The Accident Of A Car Accident

    of a car engine. A car was racing down a nearby street and then the screech car tires echoed throughout the town. “That was close, probably on the main street parallel to me”, I thought. The squeal of sliding tires kept on going and going, for what seemed like a lifetime. Then, I heard the car crash and followed by only the eerie sound of crickets in the night. Still in work mode from a long day on the job, I decided to go check it out. Driving to the nearest entrance I poked the hood of my car around

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  • Accident Accidents Caused By Car Accidents

    alone when she veered in front of an oncoming tractor trailer while she sent a text”(“Tragedy” 1). This was stated on the Daily Mall newspaper about a girl named Savannah Nash. Despite being sad and gruesome, accidents like this happen every day. The amount of deaths caused by car accidents in Ga for 2013 was 1,179. That three deaths a day or twenty-two a week. These statistics show that in the course of five years 5,895 people would die. According to Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety,

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  • My Life Of A Car Accident

    Imagine being in your car driving across the street and BOOM! In the blink of an eye you’ve suddenly been hit by another car. You lose consciousness for a couple seconds and wake up to deployed airbags, smoke coming from the hood of your car, and a cracked windshield. Sounds terrible right? Growing up I always heard about car accidents on the news, the radio, and through family members and I would say that I’d never be in one. Well let’s just say anything can happen and it can happen within seconds

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  • The Future Of A Car Accident

    Driverless Cars The 21st century keeps producing new and even more improved technology. At one point the computers got more efficient, then the cell phone, now it’s motorized vehicles. The self-driving car introduces a world of can- do attitudes and self- sufficiency. These vehicles may have many advantages and liabilities: it is up to the consumer to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons. When I was seventeen years of age, I nearly lost my life in a grievous car accident, which caused

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  • Essay on inertia and car accidents

    Exp # 1 Title: Inertia and Car accidents. Aim: To find out how inertia plays a part in accidents. Materials: 1.     Wooden ramp, approx 1.5m long and 30cm wide. 2.     Bricks or wooden blocks 3.     2 dynamics, trolleys or toy cars 4.     Plasticine 5.     metre rule Method: 1.     Two plasticine dummies weighing 20g each were made and placed

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  • The Car Accident Rough Draft

    The Car Accident rough draft Saturday morning, I awoke very excited. the night before I learned that the family and I will be going to Lagoon this would the first time I was tall enough to get on all the rides. I was up and ready before anyone else my excitement reminded me of Christmas day I could not sleep nor could I wait any longer. I was driving my parent’s crazy with questions and would not stop asking when we would be leaving, my mom, frustrated and annoyed asked me to go play outside. I decided

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  • The Problem Of A Car Accident

    your odds of dying in a car crash are quite high, 1 in 8,000 in a year to be precise. That 's quite high. In fact that 's more likely to kill you than a snake bite at 1 in 3,500,000 yet we all know people are more scared of snakes. But it 's all about perception, I mean everybody drives a car so it must be safe right? Well, we humans aren 't very good at driving as an average of 2,538 people die on UK roads each year and in 2013 138,660 people were involved in an accident which caused them injury

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  • The Problem Of A Car Accident

    How many times have you encountered a situation where a loved one was lying in a hospital bed due to a serious car accident? Your answer is probably multiple times. Why does it have to be this way? Why isn’t there some sort of solution to reduce the number of fatal car crashes? The truth is that there is an answer; however, some people are just too afraid of advancements in technology. Google and other sponsors are creating a prototype driverless vehicle that will solve this serious problem that

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  • The Death Of A Car Accident

    I quickly ran outside after hearing screeching, like what you would hear right before a car accident was about to happen. I could see a red Chevrolet truck trying to drift the corner, entering the street I live on. The truck instantly lost control and started swerving at an incredibly fast speed. Dodging the first car parked on the street and went into my front door neighbor’s lawn, slamming parallel to his white Chevrolet trucked parked in his driveway. Terrified, the driver slowly backed up into

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  • The Car Accident Rough Draft

    The Car Accident rough draft It was early Saturday morning I awoke very excited, the night before I learned that the family and I will be going to Lagoon this would the first time I was tall enough to get on all the rides. I was up and ready before anyone else my excitement reminded me of Christmas day I could not sleep nor could I wait any longer. I was driving my parent’s crazy with questions and would not stop asking when we would be leaving, my mom, frustrated and annoyed asked me to go play

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  • The Death Of A Car Accident

    “Your wife has been in a car accident,” was all I heard, replaying over and over again. I was frozen until my attention was forced to focus on my Dad taking the phone from me. Mum got up from the table and put her hand in mine as it trembled uncontrollably. They drove me to the hospital, a drive that seemed interminable. “Scarlett Collins? She was involved in a car accident. I’m her husband, Charlie Collins. Can I see her please?” The lady at the desk searched for her on the computer and once she

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  • The Ethical Dilemma Of A Car Accident

    An ethical dilemma that I have faced in my life is when I was in a car accident. We were all under the influence of marijuana and four kids had died. So detectives had got involved, and they asked us questions such as were we under the influence or where did we go before the accident. I was in a tough predicament for myself, because the kids who survived said that we wouldn’t tell them anything except our basic information. It was either lie to protect my friends or tell the truth because it was

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  • A Death Of A Terrible Car Accident

    going to pass away. Grief is an emotion no one can deny when they lose a person in their life, especially when it was someone you were so close to. In the story A Death in the Family, the main character, Rufus, loses his father in a terrible car accident. Throughout the book the family is learning to cope with the death of their loved one. Through this novel the reader learns the pain and memories of the characters, Rufus and his mother Mary, told throughout the story. This novel shows the many

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  • Car Accidents in America Essay

    cause of death for those aged 3 to 33, with 43,005 (118 per day) Americans killed in 2002 alone" (Clayton, Helms, Simpson, 2006). Worldwide, vehicle accidents consist of 1.2 millions deaths per year, "behind only childhood infections and AIDS as cause of death amount people aged 5 to 30 years old" (Clayton., 2006). The annual cost of road accidents is estimated about $518 billion"(Factor, Yair, Mahalel, 2013). The fact alone of being in a moving, heavy vehicle is a danger in itself but individuals

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  • The Problems Of Car Accidents

    auto accidents involved in drivers’ careless, for instance, mistaken gas pedal, reverse without look back, drive alongside other cars, text when driving, change lanes without look over the shoulder, etc., so the carefulness is necessary for us. Car accidents can be avoided if we are really careful in daily activities. The accident in the front of People Supermarket last month when I mistook the gas pedal for the break could have been avoided, if I had been careful. That morning of the accident, my

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  • Crashing Into Psychology : A Car Accident

    even just a small accident? Have the emotions and effects been so overwhelming that you don’t know how to cope with them? When I was 18 years old and a senior in high school, I was in a very bad car accident. My accident caused me to not be able to control my emotions and make everyday life very hard to handle. I didn’t know who to talk to or what to think of what had just happened. The thoughts that go through your mind after experiencing trauma is remarkable. During the accident I had lost control

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  • My Life With A Car Accident

    words one wishes to go without hearing in their lifetime. When hearing that sentence, a list immediately pops into my mind. The first set of words that might come to mind is hearing someone close to you has died, or was seriously injured in, say, a car accident. Another thought that might arise is seeing a firetruck going up your street, sirens blaring, and heading straight for your house. The other? The other is finding out you or someone you love has cancer. That was what my mother experienced five

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  • Self Driving Cars : Is It Responsible For The Car 's Accidents?

    of Self-Driving Cars”, sheds more light on the situation, “if we were driving [a] car in manual mode, whichever way we reacted would be understood as just that, a reaction not a deliberate decision. It would be an instinctual panicked move with no forethought or malleolus, but if a programmer were to instruct the car to make the same move given condition it may sense in the future, Well that looks more like premeditative homicide” (“The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars” – Patrick Lin). Again

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  • The Effects Of A Car Accident On The United States Drive Cars

    States drive cars. One item that is always a possibility when operating an automobile is getting into a car accident. Car accidents can range from slight fender-benders to catastrophic events that could include the loss of life. The World Health Organization stated that 20 to 30 million people are injured in car accidents annually (Factor, Yair, Mahalel) with an estimated to 3,000 automobile fatalities worldwide each day (Factor, Yair, Mahalel). Either way, the effects of a car accident have emotional

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  • The Suicide : A Single Car Accident

    Police officers in Springfield, Virginia arrested a 21-year-old male following a single car accident. While detained, the male made numerous suicide threats, at one point telling police officers that he wanted to jump in font of a train and die. He also tried to lick an electrical outlet, hit and kicked walls and attempted to bite off his handcuffs. Officers placed him in leg restraints and determined there was a “very high risk” he would kill himself. Nevertheless, the police released him that evening

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  • Distracted Driving : Driving Car Accidents

    driving in their cars, causing distracted driving to be the primary reason for car crashes in the United States. Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured in car crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver (Distracted Driving). There are a few different types of distraction: cognitive distraction, visual distraction, and manual distraction. In 2014 alone, there were 431,000 injuries and 3,129 people were killed in distracted driving accidents (Facts and

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  • A Car Accident Changed My Life

    Riding dirt roads is enjoyable, up until you flip your car. Joy riding is relaxing and peaceful. It makes time to just drift away. Car accidents are not fun for anyone, unless it is in a movie. In movies when you flip a car it is in slow motion, from my experience I can say that is completely true. It is in slow motion while it is happening and then time speeds up after the initial impact. A terrible car accident changed my life for the better. Becoming a safer driver, learning the importance of

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  • Is School Going A Horrible Car Accident?

    There can be many days in someone’s life, were one day can change their lives. Sometimes these days are tragic, like a horrific car accident or they can be a positive change, like being at the right place at the right time, and meeting your soulmate. This for me is one of those days that positively changed my life. My Brother and I were waiting for our Dad to pick us up for his weekend with us in our usual meeting spot. “Tag, your it,” as I tagged my brother. “Children stop running around,” My Mother

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  • I Got Into An Emotional Car Accident

    nose, into my mouth, onto the floor and words are spinning around inside my head so violently I cannot produce a coherent thought. This actually is real --- that is when I felt it, and it all happened at once. It was like I got into an emotional car accident. Anguish. I felt tension seep into my bloodstream, and infect my entire body. Stress slid down my legs and oozed out of my pores. Misery is wrapping around my brain and suffocating me like a plastic bag. Every part of my body is exhausted, but

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  • Car Accidents Among Teens And America

    Car Accidents Among Teens in America Motor Vehicles crashes are the leading cause of death, and injuries, among teenagers in the United states. According to Michael’s report from Los Angeles Times “About 963,000 drivers ages 16 to 19 were involved in police-reported crashes in the United States in 2013, the most recent year for available data. These crashes resulted in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths.” for a long time. and its increasing

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  • The Dangers Of Children Of 18 Car Accidents

    Bullying, (both cyber and in-person), an inferiority complex that can be brought on by the fashion and fitness industry, and of course the leading cause in deaths in Americans under the age of 18 car accidents. These are just three things that parents cannot really protect their children against, and with the countless other problems and hazards in the world why would you not want to protect you r child against all that you could. Starting with vaccinations, I’ve recently read numerous articles regarding

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  • `` Auto Wreck `` : The Hard Truth That Is A Car Accident

    something that can drop someone to their knees in agony. Karl Shapiro’s “Auto Wreck” faces the hard truth that is a car accident. To summarize, “Auto Wreck” is a gut-wrenching retelling of a brutal accident in which two cars collide in a fatal accident. The poem concludes on a more philosophical note explaining the certainty that is faced in true death and how unseen and sudden a car accident can be on a family. Karl Shapiro published “Auto Wreck” in his collection of poems entitled “Selected Poems.” He

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  • `` Auto Wreck `` : The Hard Truth That Is A Car Accident

    An Accident Waiting to Happen In life, an innocent bystander, parent, or friend could receive news that would change their life forever. A death of a loved one is something that can drop someone to their knees in agony. Karl Shapiro’s “Auto Wreck” faces the hard truth that is a car accident. To summarize, “Auto Wreck” is a gut-wrenching retelling of a brutal accident in which two cars collide in a fatal accident. The poem concludes on a more philosophical note explaining the certainty that is

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  • Car Accidents Among Teens During America

    Car Accidents Among Teens in America Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death, and injuries, among teenagers in the United states. According to Michael Muskals report from Los Angeles Times “About 963,000 drivers ages 16 to 19 were involved in police-reported crashes in the United States in 2013, the most recent year for available data. These crashes resulted in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths.” Most of the teens from age 16-19 likes to drive a car, and they are the

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  • Car Accidents Are The Main Source Of Death For Young People

    Driver Education Car accidents are the main source of death for young people over the United States. Mishaps are brought on when understudies don 't take Driver 's Education while they 're in school and hold up to get their permit at 18 years old. "Studies demonstrate that 1,651 drivers age 16 to 20 kicked the bucket in engine vehicle crashes in 2013." That 's only two years back and every year accident rates goes up quickly. Youth don 't have the sources and the class time to take in all the data

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  • A Brief Note On The Car Accident Of The United States

    What to do after car accident in the United States In the United States, most of us drive cars closely each single day. We avail car to commute to work, visit friends and family members and pick up provisions. It can be simple to consider for granted how risky driving car can be still at the low speeds. Car accidents put your well being and health at risk. If you are hurt in the car accident because of another individual’s mistake, you have the right to get full and better settlement or reimbursement

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  • I Had Not Ever Been A Car Accident

    I had not ever been in a car accident before in my life, so when I experienced one, I did not enjoy nearly dying. It happened four years ago, I can still vividly remember everything. I was with my sister, Nakesha, she was driving since I was not old enough to drive yet. We were having a good day and had decided to go to my dad’s for a while to see him since our parents are divorced. We spent a considerable amount of time with our dad who kept making us laugh like he always does. I could not have

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  • I Am My First Car Accident

    My dad always told me when I was first learning how to drive, that I will get into an accident one day if it is my fault or not. I never believed him, I always thought, “ everyone gets into an accident, what’s the big deal.” I never thought my first car accident would be only two weeks after getting my new car. I remember the day like it was yesterday. My mother called me and told me to pick my sister up from her job. I had it all panned out, I was going to pick my sister up, drop her off at her

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  • Scene Of An Accident Involving A Two Car Crash

    It all started the morning of March 5th, 1998 around 2 A.M., paramedics were called to the scene of an accident involving a two-car crash, where one of the two victims was a pregnant woman. When the paramedics arrived, the woman was unconscious and was immediately rushed to the closest hospital, Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Ma. Upon the arrival, the woman remained unconscious with cuts and bruises, it was time for the medical staff to make a move in attempt to save the child. As the father

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  • Traffic Safety And Car Accidents Involving Children During The Holidays

    This visual analysis is to raise public awareness about traffic safety and car accidents involving children during the holidays. In order to help explain the negligence of distracted driving, this ad became one of the world’s most successful advertisements for good causes and building a better world. It is also recognized as part of the ACT Responsible Collection. ACT is a non-profit organization whose goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication all over the world. The

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  • Why Car Accidents Have Become The Most Common Way For Teens

    Car accidents have become the most common way for teens to die. This is all due to distractions in the car. There are many reasons on why a driver could be distracted. Some of these reasons include changing the radio station, talking to passengers, eating, drinking, being sleepy and using a cell phone. Most teens today have cell phones, which is one of the biggest distraction. A person may be walking down the hall and feel their phone vibrate, so they pull it out and respond to the text they

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  • The Car Accidents Caused By Drivers Using Cellphones While Driving

    Many car accidents are blamed on distracted driving and most of the distraction is caused by drivers using their phones while driving. cell phones are used worldwide in most popular countries. The way to connect with friends and family is through cell phones while you are on the go. Most people just get the feel of having to check their phones to check a text message, or an email while on the road from phone calls, to text messaging, social media and sharing pictures. The power of a cell phone is

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  • How Does The Legal Drinking Age Affect The Number Of Young Adult Car Accidents?

    How is “How does the legal drinking age affect the number of young adult car accidents” a Good Research Question “In 2013, 10,076 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic related-death in the United States. (CDC) According to the National Road Safety Program, 29 out of 1000 accidents were related to alcohol in Germany, that is 2.9%. (BMVI) There is a shockingly high difference in the percentage, which is even harder to understand

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  • Investigation Of A Car Accident

    INVESTIGATION: On 09-01-2015 at 0750 hours, I was notified of a fatal traffic crash that occurred at the intersection of Kings Avenue and Lumsden Road. I responded to the crash scene and upon arrival at approximately 0800 hours, I was assigned as to forensically map the scene. I observed a silver Lexus GS 300 sedan, stopped within the outside lane of Lumsden Road, east of Kings Avenue. The Lexus had damage to the front bumper, left front quarter panel, hood, windshield and roof. The damage

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  • The Young Girl With The Injured Spinal Cord : A Victim Of A Traumatic Car Accident

    A young girl, at the age of 16, was a victim of a traumatic car crash that deeply damaged her spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the neck down. After being hospitalized for almost a year, her doctors concluded that she would never walk again. A nine month old baby boy was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with sickle cell disease, and the same night, suffered a stroke on his entire right side. A natural gas leak had been detonated inside of a house after a match had been lit, covering most

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  • Description Of Head On Collisions

    collisions are the worst kind of accidents because both drivers are affected greatly because of the force sustained from two vehicles hitting each other from opposite directions. (Head-On-Collisions-The Most Dangerous Type Of Accident, 2016) Even though only about two percent of accidents are head on these accidents account for over ten percent of fatalities due to accidents. (Head-On-Collisions-The Most Dangerous Type Of Accident, 2016) Injuries from these accidents are serious, because they involve

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  • The Death Of Automobile Accidents

    ACCIDENTS Each year 33,804 people died per year because of automobile accidents. Automobile accidents occur when people drink alcohol, they are distracted in the road, they are texting and some of them are high on drugs. Some of the symptoms when people are about to get into a accident is when you see them drive dangerously. The ways to diagnose why people got into accidents is when they get a drug test, sobriety test, checking their phone for recent activity usage and

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  • The Research And Developing The Self Driving Cars

    people just know about the autonomous cars by watching some science fiction movies. They knew that those cars don’t need any drivers to control it and everything is automatic. Everybody wish they can have a car like this but nobody can imagine that it can be true, at least in the near future. Recently, their wishes are on the way to be true. Along with the development of technologies, lots of companies are doing the research and developing the self-driving cars. According to Thomas Frey, the executive

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  • Safety For The Legality Of Autonomous Vehicles

    “Safety for the legality of Autonomous Vehicles” Introduction Cars is one of the necessities that most people need to reach their destination faster and comfortable. Automation companies or manufacturers now a days are developing a new type of car that people can use even if they don’t know how to drive a car, they called it Driverless car or Autonomous vehicle. It is one of the new and advanced kind of innovation in modern world, which can be classified also as a robot. This new innovation will

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  • Watching Out At The School

    So stressed, so worried, she gets in her car and bolts down to the elementary. She parks her car in front of the school. While waiting for them to come out of the school she sees her phone screen light up four more times. Her siblings get in the car, freaking out because her mom doesn’t know where they are. Pulling out on the road she speeds up to 65 MPH. Another text comes to her phone she looks down to read it, begins to look back up and “BAMMMM!” The car flips 5-6 times into a cornfield. Heads

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  • How Cars Have Affected Our Life

    innovation and advanced technology appear that could change our life. As the time goes, many of those have changed a lot of things in different sectors such as: economy, health, business, education and social life. One of the most affected innovations is car. Cars have affected our social life in many ways so it made our tasks easier, faster and more comfortable. It helped us to communicate and corporate with each other easily. Before this innovation, people were depending on traditional types of transportation

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  • Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Drivers

    experienced an accident because they were tired while driving (NSF, 2016). There are also estimations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 100,000 police reported crashes resulting of driver fatigue each year, this estimation takes us to 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and $12.5 billion in monetary losses, (NHTSA 2016). These statistics present the great impact that sleep deprivation has on drivers, specifically how it affects people’s motor systems causing them to be involved in car accidents

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  • Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Banned

    was large, thick, and heavy. Later in 2001, technologists invented a new mobile phone- small, light, and clamshell - which is easy to carry everywhere and fit in a pocket. Before this new design, there was not a lot of phone use in cars and therefore, not so many accidents. Six years later, the most popular mobile phone is IPhone by Apple. Many people buy those mobiles because they use social media, Bluetooth, the internet, and apps, listen to music, take better photo, or save documents with other technology

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  • Foreshadowing in The Great Gatsby

    terribly; Daisy involves in a big car accident, while Wilson, the husband of the car accident’s victim, tragically kills Gatsby. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald effectively uses several images and symbols that foreshadow both the car accident and Gatsby’s death, gradually leading the reader from the beginning towards the tragic ending of the story. Fitzgerald includes several small car incidents at the beginning of the story in order to foreshadow the big car accident at the end. In chapter three,

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