Car Accident In Texas Essay

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Important Facts About Car Accidents in Texas
The number of car accidents on highways in Texas is decreasing, but there are still thousands of people affected by car accidents. Many of these auto accidents are caused by speeding or drunk driving. One of the best ways to avoid an auto accident is to remain informed and know what to look for when you are driving. The following are a few facts that can help you avoid an accident or guide you once you are involved in an accident.

Fact #1. Someone died every day in an accident in Texas 2015.
Although the number of fatal accidents decreased by 2.05% in Texas during 2015, someone died each day along Texas highways.
One of the best ways to avoid a car accident is to ensure you are always driving defensively.
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In Texas, there were 246,335 people injured in traffic accidents in 2015.
Traffic accidents can cause injuries immediately, or they can lead to injuries developing over time.
The most common injuries resulting from a car accident include head, back, neck, and chest injuries. Upon impact, many drivers and passengers are thrown forward which can cause them to hit their head against the steering wheel, window or dashboard. Depending on the intensity of the impact, drivers and passengers can fracture their skulls, develop problems with their sight, or lose their hearing.
Additionally, the quick movement back and forth can result in spinal cord damage. With severe damage, many people lose their ability to walk or experience reduced sensation in their extremities.

Fact #3. Auto Accidents led to 550 pedestrian deaths.
Between 2014 and 2015, there was an increase in the number of pedestrian deaths caused by vehicles, by nearly 13%.
Based on this statistic, it’s important for pedestrians to remain alert while they are near traffic. Without the protections afforded to auto drivers due to being in a vehicle, pedestrians are at a higher risk of sustaining serious injury or worse if they are in an auto

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