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  • My Love Of Helping Others: The Importance Of Caring For Others

    Caring for others is a central part of who I am. My love of helping people started when I was a little girl growing up with my autistic sister, Melissa. She has been an inspiration as a sister, and even though she is older, I take care of her, which has nurtured the compassionate qualities in me. My experience with my sister has shaped my desire to support people who face challenges and to seek out some great opportunities, so now I help my peers while being a part of my school’s tennis team, volunteering in school clubs, tutoring after school, and playing soccer with special needs students. While on the tennis team I took on the role of being the mentor and advocate for the younger players. During practice, my teammates constantly asked me…

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  • Altruism: The Importance Of Helping Other People

    Many different religions teach virtues about compassion and the importance of helping other people. Altruism can be defined as helping others for their sake, not your own. Mattis et al. (2009) notes that altruistic behavior is voluntary, content with not receiving rewards, and positively benefiting the welfare of others. An individual’s religious outlook may be a determinant in how helpful a person can be. The number of people that affiliate themselves with a religion has grown. Today, 98.7% of…

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  • Reflection Essay: My Passion Is Helping Others

    My passion is helping others. Depending on who you ask, helping others could mean many different things. But for me, helping others means improving someone’s life. Although this is a very broad description, I mainly focus on academically and physically helping. Academically, I would say that I’m above average but I’m not exactly a genius. There are a few classmates in all of my classes that somewhat struggle. But the main classes are Algebra 2, Japanese and Honors Biology. My Algebra 2 class is…

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  • My Passion For Helping Others And Taking Care Of Children

    I have always had a passion for helping others and taking care of children. When I was younger I would always play house with my baby dolls and siblings. I always had to be the mom so I could take care of everyone else even though I was the middle child. As I got older I couldn’t wait to start babysitting. In Wisconsin you can get a babysitting license when you turn 13, I got mine the exact same day! The passion had always been there but I didn’t know what I would do with it. There are…

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  • What Is Childish Shame Of Depression?

    The ego exhausts itself in having to struggle with what it thinks is a threat, paradoxically, expending its energy incarcerating such imprisoning thoughts. Walls, inevitably, are always built bigger than the stone thrown. The cognitively registered ‘I’ as ‘childish’, for all the wrong reasons; the aesthetically ill-rendered ‘you’ as ‘shame’, misrecognized by a feeling of guilt. The intrinsic ’self as other’ warped by the ‘self for other’. The ‘childish shame of depression’ exists as a positive…

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  • Lacanian Theory Of The Mirror Stage: The Artist Is Present

    He isn’t—the concept of this mirror phase is simply more applicable in other stages of life, rather than just between 6-18 months. He actually touches on this broadness, though not in the same direct manner, saying that “[i]t suffices to understand the mirror stage […] as an identification, in the full sense analysis gives to the term” (Lacan 76). He himself is defining this stage of development as a manner of identification. Mirriam-Webster defines that word as a “psychological orientation of…

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  • Sometimes I Think I M Crazy Because I Am Different From Another

    meant when he said that the Other”results in us feeling excluded, or even disdained and scorned.” As a child I always felt as if I played the role of the other. I was different in ways such as loving to learn, and being an overly outgoing person with different points of view, and as a result; I found that other children were quick to single me out of their groups. Very few ever accepted me for who I was, and I was rarely included in any activities with others, unless it was forced…

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  • Essay On Selflessness In Beowulf

    Beowulf’s courage and selflessness was what ultimately defeated the Dragon. Beowulf needs the aid of Wiglaf to defeat the Dragon, because the Dragon was too powerful. In the beginning of the poem Beowulf’s definitive heroic characteristic is his strength. However in his battle with the Dragon he displays other characteristics. If Beowulf’s sole heroic quality was his strength than when he discovered he was not as strong as the Dragon he would have either fled or called for help. His courage and…

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  • Dangers Of Self Disclosure

    Self-disclosure is a form of communication in which you share information about yourself. The type of information revealed are things that you know about yourself but others do not know about you (hidden self) and that information gets put out into the open now these things that you know about yourself are also known by others (open self). There can be several different forms of self-disclosure, for example making obvious statements about yourself, unconscious nonverbal movements, slips of…

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  • The Effects Of Technology And Social Media

    televisions, and the lists continue. They are so addicted that it becomes a common occurrence to come across two people sitting together, staring at their cell phones, all the while not saying a word to or having any physical interaction with each other. The result of this large problem in our society is that there is less personal and physical interaction between people. Technology and social media play a part in every aspect of human life, ranging from professional relationships to personal…

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