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  • Essay On Professional Values In Nursing

    Moral Compass in Nursing Values play a significant role in shaping professional identity by influencing the actions and behaviors of practitioners in their day to day activities. Three fundamental personal values shape my understanding of nursing. To begin with, being a nurse requires a person to be very responsible. Being responsible means that nurses should not only be willing to do what is expected of them but also beyond these expectations as long as it will improve patient conditions. It is the level and sense of responsibility within each nurse that will determine the cases of negligence and poor patient care. Responsibility requires that nurses understand that patients have very high expectations on them and rely on them for almost everything. It is the knowledge that patients have entrusted their lives to them. Having this knowledge helps me as a nurse to have a personal patient-focus, which is not guided by what am required to do but what I can do to improve patient outcomes. Personal, cultural and spiritual values in my worldview and philosophy of nursing The second key personal value that has formed my world perspective of nursing is intelligence. Apart from being efficient, nurses need to recognize what they can do to help their patients in various conditions; this includes proficient in procedures, knowledgeable with…

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  • Baby Cousinin's Illness: Personal Statement

    I met my little cousin when he was only a couple months old. I rattled the blue toy in front of my aunt’s son and watched as he sluggishly stared at my hand. His symptoms were difficult to miss: weak muscles, flat head, low nasal bridge, short neck, slanted eyes, and abnormally low outer ears. As a high school student who loved her biology class, I was very intrigued to learn more about this devastating genetic condition. In the course of time, the investment I made in understanding my baby…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Three Passions

    My Three Passions When I was very young, I used to ask myself why I was born to this world and the reasons for me to live. It took me so many years to find a correct answer for the question. I hope I got it correctly or I am still finding a more correct one. The answer may lay on three of my passions as improving myself to help me and my family, helping other people and traveling to widen my world. Those passions lead my life to more developed stages as I am growing up. The first thing about…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spinocerebellar Ataxia

    Stumbling over nothing, my father falls flat onto the ground. Unsurprised, a hint of annoyance pricks at my mind. I stand with an exasperated sigh and help him up. Just another day. I hate my compulsive anger, but I am not angry with him. I’m angry at this disease that is slowly destroying my father and taking him away from me. My father has Spinocerebellar Ataxia, a neurodegenerative disease that affects a person's speech and balance; a rare and incurable condition that runs throughout the…

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  • Define Health And Health Practices

    They need to address risky behaviors in order to improve outcomes. It is important to strengthen both individual and community skills to tackle factors that affect health. Coming from one of the developing countries, where there…

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  • The Benefits Of Keeping Up With The Kardashian Family

    money on luxury items such as vacations, new cars, clothes, shoes, etc. But, how much of those things can really be considered “necessities?” The Kardashian family has made their fortune from their television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians and also with the people they choose to have relations with. However, almost all of this money is spent on houses, cars, and vacations around the world. These activities are, no doubt, very exciting and enjoying to partake in, however, they are by no…

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  • Importance Of Medical Knowledge And Interpersonal Skills In Nursing

    One Saturday morning, I learned that my aunt went into labor, she was 6 months pregnant. That same day, she gave birth to a very fragile baby, but my aunt’s condition got worse and we spent the next hours visiting blood banks trying to get O- blood for her. I was 16 at that time and felt so frustrated I could not do more than making phone calls to blood banks; she died that same day. My aunt lived in a rural area in Mexico, and while she received prenatal care, she developed eclampsia while…

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  • Better Now Book Review

    Book Choice I chose to read and analyze the book Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians to gain insight to the improvements that can be made upon Canada’s praised healthcare system. While it is a blessing to have free healthcare in Canada, free certainly does not always mean better. Any Canadian who has waited for hours in an emergency room can attest to this fact. With the recent events in the United States, there has been a lot of conversation regarding their…

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  • Preventative Medicine: Personal Statement

    illnesses, and take precautions against illness and disease. All of these roles are in line with how I see myself contributing as a physician to the to the family medicine speciality. I have seen the societal improvements and benefits that have arisen through previous public health initiatives, such as vaccination programs, restrictions on the use of tobacco, family planning, etc. I want to be able to mold my career is such a way that I am able to help a large number of people, emphasize…

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  • Sample Wellness Assessment Papers

    were my physical nutrition subtotal and financial average because I didn’t think that I was doing okay financially and doing everything right. Also, my physical nutrition was a surprise to because I thought I was doing everything but turns out I need to do some more work and improve on it a little bit. Having better physical nutrition can be motivated by my goal to lose weight and become a healthier person. This is all connected back to the holism theory which states that for most needs to be…

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