Baby Cousinin's Illness: Personal Statement

I still remember the first day I met my little cousin when he was only a couple months old. I rattled the blue toy in front of my aunt’s son and watched as he sluggishly stared at my hand. His symptoms were difficult to miss: weak muscles, flat head, low nasal bridge, short neck, slanted eyes, and abnormally low outer ears. As a high school student who loved her biology class, I was very intrigued to learn more about this devastating genetic condition. In the course of time, the investment I made in understanding my baby cousin’s illness, resulting from harboring an extra chromosome, nurtured my interest in human health and grew into a passion for the field of medicine.

Following my medical education at the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School
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These visits crystallized my determination to pursue my medical career in the United States, where the medical guidelines are established and immediate transition from bench to bedside is possible through translational research opportunities. Towards this goal, I shadowed Dr. Cohen at the outpatient clinic of Department of Medicine of Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, where I also worked on a research project about the molecular expression patterns of chronic kidney disease and autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, the combination of the research project and the outpatient clinical encounters added to my understanding of the importance of the pathophysiology of diseases in patient management and yielded peer-reviewed …show more content…
In fact, the devastating condition of my cousin ignited my desire to help and make a difference in his life as well as the lives of others and their families. Moreover, my commitment to contribute to the complicated health issues, my compassion to improve awareness of preventative measures, and my clinical skills that I honed over the years will assist me in becoming a valuable asset to your Family Medicine residency program. Finally, following my residency training, I will dedicate my drive to the awareness of preventive measures while simultaneously continuing to give my time and energy to research and

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