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  • Discrimination In Media

    Modern media is made by a small number of people and usually relies on technology. Storage and transmission with media began more than 30,000 years ago such as cave drawings. Modern media must go out a mass amount of people which means mass production. Gutenberg Press which is the first printed press and it printed 180 copies in Europe. Which started newspaper in the 1960s in England. The idea of photographs is more than 1000 years old. Radio was invented in 1894 and became a wireless transmission of information. Movie Theatres were shown to public in New York around 1896. Television was in action in homes around 1936 and started out without color. Computers for business began around 1964. Digital cameras was invented around the 1950s. Personal…

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  • The Significance Of Media In The Media World

    Media is being consumed by everyone daily. Whether it is for work purposes or recreational use, media has become essential for most individuals. It has become the normal way of living. It is important to acknowledge the significance of media in the society (Mike Gasher, David Skinner & Rowland Lorimer, 2012). The communication and media world will be forever evolving and growing. This commentary will illustrate how the concepts through chapters 1 and 5 expand my understanding of the media…

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  • The Importance Of Media In The Media And Social Media

    to get information that is not already filtered through news and social media. Most of the information the public receives is not directly from the word of the police report or trial transcript. The primary source for most people is information is directly through the media, and it is no secret that the news media is not unbiased. The way the news media presents stories, especially stories about crime, creates fear and reduces the chances for the viewer to empathize with the offender on screen.…

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  • Media Lies In The Media

    the most truthful and up to date facts and details regarding current events? Deceitful, new providers and the media, in general, lie to the public all the time. With slanted and biased opinions, the mass media affects how the public views important events. These lies help media outlets make money and tilt the public opinion in their favor. Mainstream media lies to the general public and slants truth in order to make profit, often by twisting facts and fabricating outrageous stories, resulting…

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  • Importance Of Media On Media

    a form of new media which provided news to every ordinary reader. However publishers didn 't focus on the content of news, they focused on the needs and attraction for readers so they can sell their audience to the advertisements agencies. As a reader, one might buy a newspaper for informative purposes but due to active surveillance process, they are also providing the data to newspaper agencies, for example the number of sales when there is sports article published in the newspaper, If the…

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  • Media And The Media On Immigration

    The reading for this week declared accurate data of how the media (newspapers articles and television stations) can control and manipulate salience and how it impacts the general public on immigration as a whole. I did appreciate the article speaking of the reasons why the media uses only certain data or stories to release. The media has studied Americans and knows what will encourage them to watch the news or read their articles. The news media is the gatekeeper to what the public hears…

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  • The Importance Of Media On The Media

    Throughout the years, America has gone through a great revolution involving technology. With the technological revolution taking off news outlets have increased the various means by which they distribute information to the people. Increasingly a few media corporations took charge of a majority of the news the general public can access. As a result they controlled most of one’s ideas and imagination about the world. This control allows these conglomerates to influence the media they want the…

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  • Social Media Misconduct In The News Media

    Misconduct in News Media News media has evolved for almost thirty-five years because of Internet usage, leaving a great milestone in world history; now advanced in technology, social media has pulled itself in the world of news media, giving a window to viewers to read and reflect on news media without even knowing it. However, according to Tim Graham, social media has been put in a harsh spot because of the inaccuracy of sources within stories. In Paul Farhi’s “Why Everyone (It Seems) Hates the…

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  • The Stereotypes Of The Arab Media And The Media

    Not only is this belief devoid of any evidence, it is also highly problematic in that it reinforces the idea of the non-A and how they are undesirable. The media, especially the news outlets, are the biggest perpetrators of these stereotypes, often using the words Arab and Muslims interchangeably, despite the fact that only 15 percent of the Muslim’s live within the Arab region (Global Connections, 2002). These habits, along with the employment of stereotypes such as: “Islam is oppressive…

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  • The Misinterpretance Of Media In The Media

    Terrorists need an audience. Media needs a story; this is how media misinterpretations on terrorism is born. The media’s role is no longer to inform but rather to control how the viewers react to the information provided. Media’s influence on the public’s sudden focus from sports and celebrities to the collapse of the most globally important twin towers is an example of how media shapes viewers interest and concern. As David L. Altheide credits mass media in promoting fear evermore since the…

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