Media And The Media On Immigration

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The reading for this week declared accurate data of how the media (newspapers articles and television stations) can control and manipulate salience and how it impacts the general public on immigration as a whole.
I did appreciate the article speaking of the reasons why the media uses only certain data or stories to release. The media has studied Americans and knows what will encourage them to watch the news or read their articles. The news media is the gatekeeper to what the public hears and to what is classified to the public as important, true, the causes of immigration and its solutions. However, there is something the reading did not mention much or on its entirely, the party elites. I am not saying the reading did not mention them at all, but it was not mentioned enough. I do realize the reading was focusing on the influence the media has on immigration issues, yet, one cannot ignore vital components that add to the issue.
I believe the media and the party elites have equal fault in why immigration is spoken about the way it is, there responsibility on the matter might be different, but about equal. The reading declares that the media in both border and non-border states have much to do in what the general public believes the definitions, causes and solutions to illegal immigration are. Even though the causes and solutions the media displays are not accurate, the general public sees it as accurate information.
Many Americans do believe immigration and

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