Importance Of Media In Social Media

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Task 1A
Screen to screen or face to face
Social media takes up so much time of our life. Some people can’t even go 5 minutes without checking their phone. Are we choosing to talk to each other on the phone rather than face to face? Maybe we need to find something in-between. The way we communicate have changed a lot over the past years. When you talk on social media you never know how the person you talk to will react, but face to face you can look the person in their eyes. It`s important to look up from your phone from time to time, you never know what you are missing because you are busy cheeking what all your friends are doing.

Task 1B
We all communicate like Eleanor and Park
The text from the book Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
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I don’t like school. I don’t like my life. My name is Ally, and I have a shitty life. I have always been different. I have always been smaller than the rest of the kids, and when the rest of the kids was outside playing, I would be home and read a book. When I started school, no one wanted to be my friend, I had to sit in the corner all alone. I wasn’t lonely, I had my books, but sometime I wished I had some friends. The only friend I have is my grandma. My parents are always away working, so my grandma is the one how is taking care of me. In school, no one is mean to me, or nobody says anything to me. But one year ago, Amanda asked if I had Facebook, “You know, so I could ask you to hang out, silly”. I said yes, I have Facebook. I regret that so much. She did not want to ask me to hang out, no she wanted to tell me that I am ugly, don’t deserve to have friend, and that I deserve to …show more content…
They are just hiding behind a screen. In school, you would probably not notice that anything is different. I am still all by myself, just reading books. But after school, I get those awful texts. About why I am so stupid and ugly and why nobody like me. I am too afraid to tell anyone. Mt grandma would be so sad, and my mom and dad are never home so I don’t know if they will even care. My teacher would never believe me. You see, Amanda is the perfect girl, she is beautiful, smart, popular and nice. Or that’s what everybody else think. And I, I am the lonely, strange girl, with not as good grads, how sits alone with her book. If I told anyone, and show them the texts, they would probably say I made that up because I am jealous. No, it`s best I don’t tell

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