Media In The Presence

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Today’s Media:
Media in the Presence
What is media? According to “Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet. Media is the plural of medium and can take a plural or singular verb, depending on the sense intended”. According to “Presence is a theoretical concept describing the extent to which media represent the world (in both physical and social environments). Presence is further described by Matthew Lombard and Theresa Ditton as “an illusion that a mediated experience is not
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The way we use media to get our information “news, social updates etc…”. Both people and organizations interact in a variety of ways, and social networking is fast growing modernization that draws them together using electronic media. Some social media include Facebook, twitter, snapchat and so on, help businesses promote their products without a major cost. These three social medias also keep individuals contacted with fans, family and …show more content…
I was watching the T.V show Marvels Luke Cage on Netflix, this show was about him surviving from being killed by the cops and gangsters. He had super human strength and bullet proof skin, until a new weapon controlled by the gangsters that could penetrate his skin. His survival was his presence at the time. A lot of present movies are about either about war or comedy, as I look at the present movies on google there is fantasy, comedy, love, and political movies now playing. The first article I found about presence of sports was on about “Seattle Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin: Death threats wont silence me”. Baldwin has spearheaded the Seahawks ' "Building Bridges Task Force," which is composed of players who are meeting with local law enforcement officials and politicians to promote social change (Kapadia). In the presence of video games “Currently, Nintendo is developing the Wii Vitality Sensor a pulse oximeter that fits on the user’s finger that ‘‘will initially sense the user’s pulse and a number of other signals being transmitted by their bodies, and will then provide information to the users about the body’s inner world’’ (Nintendo, 2009). According to Nintendo, the Wii Vitality Sensor will expand the appeal of video games, and the results of the present study suggest that this possibility is not too farfetched (WEIBEL, WISSMATH, MAST 1296). According to wikipedia,com “The Internet is the global

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