Influence Of Mass Media

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The definition of a social networking according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself.” The way we as a society communicate to one another is ever changing due to the progression of different technologies. Due to such large amounts of interpersonal relationships being made over the internet, a concept known as mass media comes into play. If you’ve ever read an article in the newspaper, heard a story on the radio, or seen an advertisement on TV or the internet, then you’ve experienced the phenomenon of mass media. Mass media is a form of communication that targets large groups. According to Sociology-The Role and Influences of Mass Media, mass media is the most significant force in modern cultures. Different countries use mass media in different ways; however, all countries use mass media to inform other countries of their current situations. Mass Media not only promotes products but also moods,
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In an article titled, “Is Google Making us Stupid” written by Nicholas Carr, social media is called into question as a main factor in the communication and education in our society (Carr, 2008). He says that the internet is not only changing our lives by making us dependent on robotic domains for basic information, but exclaims that it is also changing the way our brains think all together. He recalls times where the average human had to read a book to find information; however, now with a single click of mouse, we have access to a influx information. He expounds on the theory that because we have become so dependent on the easiness of the internet, we have become shallow readers which has ultimately made us shallow thinkers (Carr,

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