Summary Of The Shadows By Nicholas Carr

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New York Times writer and author of “the shadows “, Nicholas Carr believes Google is making us stupid. In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr argues that our intellect overrides artificial intelligence; that we have come to rely on for information. Carr’s argument is divided into three sections, the internet is affecting reading, the internet is changing thinking, and the internet is controlling people’s lives. Carr arguments are flawed by using, a fear tactic, irrelevant sources, personal testimony, and misleading studies. Carr’s idea that Google is making us stupid, is a fear mongering attempt that uses irrelevant sources and misleading studies to persuade the reader.
Carr’s first point is, the internet has weakened the ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks at hand. Carr has an uneasy feeling that something has rewired his thinking. In result, dumbing down his reading skills. This uneasy feeling is shared with Scott Karp, a man who boasts to have easily read, “War and Peace”. Karp states that his once strong skill of deep reading has
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Are filled with many fallacies. The way Carr presents his points are to trick the reader and not provide factual evidence for the reader to believe. Carr argues subjectively in his points made. Provides an ample amount of personal testimonies. Contradicts himself; and ultimately over rationalizes his argument. The internet does not change the way we read. Technology will not one day take over the world. Our mind, although malleable, is not easily modifiable. It takes time to change beliefs. Nicholas Carr is simply fearful of change. Therefore, executes a fear tactic to support his claim. For whatever side of, “is google making us stupid?”, utilize the believing and doubting game to perceive this argument more

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