Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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I do not think Google is making us Stupid. Nicholas Carr made some fine points in his argument in an article he wrote, “Is Google making us stupid?” Even though he made some great point it wasn’t enough to buy into. Mr. Carr argues that the internet has a major impact on the way people think and he believes that it is going to suffer worse as the internet age grows bigger. I do disagree with the author. The internet may be changing us, however, I do believe that this is changing us for the better. The internet has made an enormous difference in education. I wouldn’t be able to research quickly if I didn’t have the internet. In addition, the internet helps us communicate using chat, social media and etc. If you take a look at the younger generation, …show more content…
I like that we have great social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, because we can share and read topics and talk about with people of different walk of life. We are not just limited to just sharing information with people in our local areas. Also, we can share our own pictures by posting them on the internet and share them with people around the world. Mr. Carr never mentions this in his article. Remember when we were in elementary school and we had to write to a pen pal in different parts of the world or country? Well, our teachers were teaching us about cultural experiences. Cultural experiences is still a huge part of education. So how could this experience that we have access to make us stupid. I would understand if someone was using the internet in a wrongful way, then Mr. Carr argument may come in handy. I also like that the internet can provide real time conversations with folks around the world. I remember back in the days it was impossible to get out our point of views without real-time …show more content…
Carr mentions about Socrates “bemoaned the development of writing”. He went on to say, Socrates feared that people would “cease to exercise their memory and become forgetful” I feel in today’s world no will argue the development of writing was a bad thing for our current society, but this is the same argument Mr. Carr is making about the internet. As I read more in the text Mr. Carr complained that someone is tinkering with his brain. In all honesty, maybe someone as himself being of the older generation can’t handle all the information that comes from the internet. His brain may not be able to handle too much information. Someone like myself or younger the internet has always been there for us. We can prove that our brains can develop with the internet and we can prove that we don’t need the internet to change our

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