Why Is Social Media Addictive?

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Addiction to Social Media

Why is social media addictive? What are the reasons that make people to be addicted to it? There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in the modern life of people. It affects all aspects of people. For example, almost everyone uses the social media networks for many purposes in life such as personal purposes, chats, making friends, marketing and business. In addition, social media networks has become very essential for people like food and drink. People tend to use different social media networks in order to express their feelings and their opinions. Many people find that the social media networks help them to satisfy their needs and goals. They share and retweet many posts in order to spread their
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Social media network becomes very effective tool for all people in the society. Therefore, many people may be addicted to social media networks and spend days or even weeks on the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter in order to enjoy themselves or do their work. Companies also created new job called "social media specialist." This indicates how social media networks affect people and how it plays an important role in their everyday and business life. So people may addict social media networks for many reasons. For example, it makes their life easier and they deal with it as everyday habit. They treat social media networks as their friends and it becomes integral part of their everyday activity. Scientists have an argument about social media networks. Bechman, (2014) says that "people become addictive to social media" while others say that this is not disease. Why is social media addictive? People have three reasons to be …show more content…
However, many studies and users of social media show that it is addictive, and it is a disease called the "Social media addiction." It is worthily noted that people who use social media networks try to stop using it, but they failed. They did their best in order to prevent themselves from using the social media. Walker, (2014) says that "Many young people decided to stop using social media but they could not. Many studies showed that people who use social media networks cannot stop using it frequently." They use these sites every day and they repeat their use, so that they cannot stop using it easily. The social media network is not just an optional solution or volunteering activity for those people. However, they are using it in order to satisfy their needs. Additionally, people who stop using the social media sites for days did not feel comfortable. For instance, when a user of social media doesn’t check his social media accounts in a specific day, he will have a negative feeling. He will feel that he misses a very important activity in his life that he used to do every day. He will not sleep well because he always thinks of his social media accounts and his mind is busy thinking of these social sites. Therefore, social media network is not just a choice, but it is a psychological disease called the "Social media

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