Social Media Addiction : Statistics And Trends Essay

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Bennett, Shea. (2014). Social Media Addiction: Statistics & Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]. Retrieved November 5, 2016 from There are several research example and statstics to support the teeenager are more attidted to the social media, they spend a lots of time on all kid of apps. The teenager are stick to it and check it everyday, to go over all the commns and reply all the post. It cause them average about 3 hours a day and bring a lots of negative effect to them. By using the social media app, the students put all of their fous on it. The bunch of social media app distract them from the normal school life, they spend less time on study and not focus and care about their study that much. In this research, it shows a lots of negative effect and the trend to us, this article support my idea that the social media addiction waste a lots of valueable time to the teenager. Teenager are distract and atract by all of different apps and didn 't notice how much they loose in rea life.

Addictiontips. (2015, February 22). 25 surprising facts about phone addiction. Retrieved November 4, 2016, from Phone Addiction,
In this article, the author point out 25 facts about the phone addiction. Such as people tend to bring their phone everywhere and use it every hour, even in bathroom. And people tend to check their phone perodicaly with on reason and always…

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