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  • Drunk Driving: The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving

    Most people think it is okay to drink and drive because they think that they can handle it, but they are wrong. Alcohol acts like an antidepressant medication, it slows a person’s mind down. In a matter of seconds a person can be killed due to a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Drinking and driving is bad because it can lead to being arrested, an Ignition Interlock Device can be installed…

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  • What Is Texting And Driving

    Texting and Driving How many times a day do you encounter a bad driver? You’re probably now remembering a car that was going really slowly in front of you. But is it because that person was a bad driver? More than likely it was because they were on their phone, texting and driving. I cannot even recall all the mistakes in a single day I see on the road. More than half of those mistakes are because the driver was looking at their phone and not the road. For example, just today I was at a…

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  • Dangers Of Driving While Driving

    while driving is one of the leading causes of death in young adults. Teens between 16-19 have the highest amount of traffic accidents,and most are because of distracted drivers (Arrive Alive). Missouri should amend the law of the legal driving age and raise the age to 18. This gives drivers more time to gain experience driving with a parent and can help prevent accidents. Increasing the legal driving age in Missouri can…

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  • My Personal Experience: A Moment In My Life

    A random white cars tire just exploded and swerved to the right. It was heading right for us. My mom panicked and hit the brakes and also turned right. The car was going too fast and turned too quick. We went sideways. The car did a flip or two and slid across the road for a good hundred feet. All I could hear was the crashing of metal, the skidding of tires, and the breaking…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones While Driving

    Dunia Omar Khalil ENG 110 Spring 2015 Drive a car not a cell phone There are billions of people throughout the world using cell phones in their daily routine life which is a way of community with others. Cell phones have become the common thing that people use and they invent a lot of cell phone from different brand such as Nokia, Android Galaxy, Iphone, and Blackberry. However, cell phones have many advantages but still have very bad effects on the people who use them while driving. Using…

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  • Case Study Of Kings County Supreme Court

    recess and the defense have to call upon their witness which was Officer Lopez. He was response officer who came when the accident happened. He stated his name and his profession to the court. The defense what he saw when he got to the scene and the witness came the car was severely damaged in the front of the passenger car and the rear was badly damaged of the right side of the car. The plaintiff and the son was unconscious when he arrived and many of the people of bus was madly injured. He…

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  • Analysis Of In Cold Blood: The Head Injury Of Dick Hickock

    age of nineteen, Dick Hickock suffered head trauma as a result of a car…

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  • Doe V. Burd Case Study

    because after Sumner’s accident, Nordlund could not eat, could not sleep…

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  • Reconstruction Of Automobile Destruction Analysis

    Loftus and John C. Palmer was to investigate whether different verbs used to describe an automobile accidents would alter participants’ memory remembering the automobile accidents. The problem being adressed is how the different verbs could affect the witnesses’ memories. The research consists of two seperate experiments. For the Experiment I, each of 45 students were shown seven film of traffic accidents. The film…

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  • Short Story: A Face First By Priscilla Cummings

    twelve year old Kelley Brennan who is involved in a horrific car accident and suffers several injuries including a broken leg and severe burns over a good part of her body. After the accident, Kelley has to suffer through a long and painful recovery including several surgeries and skin grafts. Kelley spends two months in the hospital and struggles with great physical pain and the realization that her life is forever changed by the accident. Once Kelley comes home from the hospital, she faces the…

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