Effects Of Car Accident Essay

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A car accident is part of an endless list of problems on the road. Car accidents can happen to drivers anytime, anywhere. In general , about twenty million people die or become injured due to car accidents each year nationwide and I am one of the twenty million people who became injured due to car accidents.
It was Friday afternoon I was sitting in my room doing my weekly planning when my dad called me and asked me to get food for lunch from a restaurant called Nani Dagh Kababe Daghe which was close to my home . When I was heading to the garage my little cousin asked me to take him with me his name is Mohammad and he is cute boy age four I said okay and I take him with me I took out my car out of the garage and headed to the restaurant with my cousin . I parked the car in front of the restaurant. The restaurant was an old building with a barbeque outside the restaurant and a guy with a mask was cooking kabab . The smoke from the barbeque was everywhere. When I went inside the restaurant there were
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My cousin was still in my lap unconscious and he had bled to his nose which was due to airbag impact and my brother in the front seat had burns on his face and hand. I, on the other hand, had lots of cuts all over my hands and my head as it hit the windshield pretty hard.

I tried to get out of the car but the door was jammed and I had to kick my way out of the car with my cousin on my hands. When I got out a few people standing there came to rescue us and helped us out and away from the accident scene. That was when I called my parents and asked them to come quickly and help us, they reached in a matter of minutes because our home was just few hundred meters away. Finally, the ten thousand dollar car worth was sold to three thousand dollars on the spot by the tow truck

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