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  • The First Mystery And The Commandment Of The First Mystery

    also is the last mystery from the interior. That also is part of us. Now, therefore, we have sent Thee Thy p. 463 vesture, which, indeed, is Thine from the beginning, which Thou didst leave in the last limit, which also is the last mystery from the interiors, until its time should be fulfilled, according to the commandment of the First Mystery. Lo, its time being fulfilled, I give it Thee. "Come unto us, for we all stand near to clothe Thee with the First Mystery and all His glory, by commandment of the same, in that the First Mystery gave us two vestures to clothe Thee, besides the one we have sent Thee, since Thou art worthy of them, and art prior to us, and came into being before us. For this cause, therefore, the First Mystery hath sent for Thee through us the mystery of His glory, two vestures." The hymn proceeds to explain how that the first vesture hath in it the whole glory of all the names The Three Vestures of Light.of all the mysteries of all the orders of the spaces of the Ineffable; that the second contains the whole glory of all the names, or powers, of all the mysteries, or emanations, of the orders of the twin spaces of the First Mystery; that the third vesture contains all the glory of the powers of the emanations of all the spaces and sub-spaces below these supernal realms as far as the earth. The hymn then continues: "Lo, therefore, we have sent Thee this [third] vesture, without any [of the powers] knowing it from the First Statute downward; because the…

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  • Rasputin: Mystery And Hypocrisy, Mystery, And Heophilia

    Rasputin’s history revolves around controversy, mystery, and hypocrisy. Rasputin was known to be a self proclaimed religious man who held holy powers and was able to heal those who were sick. In the early 1900s, Russia was ruled by Tsar Nicholas II. Tsar Nicholas II had a son named Alexei who had hemophilia. There was no known treatment for hemophilia at the time, so the Tsar called upon Rasputin to come and heal his son. Rasputin came and magically healed Alexei, relieving him of his…

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  • The Mystery Of The Aurora

    From the ancient world to now, the mystery of the aurora has been the idea behind legends and myths, to the research of scientists. The aurora is a spectacular light display that dances above the Earth in the North and South poles. From dragons to dancing gods, everything has been said about it. Up until the 18th century, the aurora was feared and awed by anyone who saw the brilliant colored curtains high up in the sky. The Romans believed that the aurora were celestial caves that the dead…

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  • My Mystery: A Short Story: My Personal Mystery

    My Personal Mystery This is a story both complicated and personal to me, to understand this story we will have to start at the beginning. I hope this story is both entertaining and heartwarming to you as I am sharing a personal even in my life. It was May 12, 2009 I was 19 years old when I saw her. Not just anyone but the love of my life was approximately five feet two inches tall, with tan skin that was blemish free and radiant in the sunlight, her hair was neatly wrapped into a bun, she had…

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  • The Mystery Sonatas By Heinrich Biber

    The Mystery (Rosary) Sonatas and Passacaglia for solo violin and continuo are a collection of sixteen works written by Heinrich Biber and dedicated to his employer and patron, Archbishop Maximilian Gandolph of Salzburg (Chafe, 1987; Clements, 2001; Holman, 1999). Consisting of three groups of five short works (The Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries) and a longer stand-alone work, the sonatas and unaccompanied passacaglia together represent the fifteen mysteries of the rosary, a Catholic…

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  • Mystery Of Iniquity Essay

    Carlos Gale Dr. DuBose English 102 November 14, 2017 “Do we expect the system made for the elect, To possibly judge correct? Properly serve and protect?” (Line 3) Lauryn Noelle Hill, American singer, record producer, rapper, actress, and songwriter, is widely known for breaking several sales records. Especially for her most common and famous hit, nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance, “Mystery of Iniquity.” Through this song, it is luminous to see that Ms.…

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  • The Mystery Of Motivation Analysis

    In the article, “The Mystery of Motivation,” the author Gary Drevitch, speaks of poorly thought out incentives to motivate good people in forms of cash and social rewards to do their best, but the ending result may actually cause them to be at their worst. Throughout the article, Drevitch gives examples of incentives that have backfired on: companies, schools, banks, fundraisers, hospitals, and even cash incentives or allowances at home. Although, the author gives several example of poorly…

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  • The Importance Of Mystery In The Hound Of The Baskervilles

    In the novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the six qualities needed to define the book as a good mystery, are present and as a result, readers are kept full of interest throughout the entire novel. As the readers are lead to believe the guilt of an innocent, suspected culprit, they are able to follow the trail that is believed to lead to the character’s guilt, while they’re in for a great surprise after all of the suspense upon realizing who the true culprit is.…

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  • The Importance Of The Mystery Of Religion

    Time gives people opportunity to figure out the mystery of religion allowing them to connect with god. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have very different practices and traditions but at the end all these religions discuss the ways in which followers of these religions could uncover the mystery of the religion and find connection to God. Although the three religions have different rituals, they all set aside a time to devote their selves to God. In this paper I will argue that the Jewish…

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  • The Lighthouse Mystery Project

    extending beyond the traditional paper-based format to now encompass digital media and its associated skills (Tucker, 2014; Medwell, Wray, and Minns, 2014; Hicks and Turner, 2013). Multimodality is an approach which allows children to access a wide range of information in different formats, therefore, providing opportunities to extend pupil’s understanding through multi-faceted learning (Kress, 2009; Bezemer, 2012; Cara, 2009). This notion is supported by Allen (2010) who asserts that technology…

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