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  • Gothic Tradition In Northanger Abbey And The Mysteries Of Udolpho By Ann Radcliffe

    A Discussion of the Gothic tradition in the novels “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen and “The mysteries of Udolpho” by Ann Radcliffe. The genre of Gothic fiction has been a strong writing tradition since its birth in 1764 with the publishing of Horace Walpole’s “The Castle of Otranto”. The genre is a mix of both romance and horror with its clearest distinctions being a love of foreign setting and gloomy old buildings, a strong hero, swooning heroine and the constant looming of a monster or mystery. The parents of said swooning heroine also often have a penchant for dying very early on. Both Jane Austen and Ann Radcliffe make use of these aspects of the genre to very different results, while Radcliffe uses them freely and without irony to create…

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  • The Mystery Of The Aurora

    From the ancient world to now, the mystery of the aurora has been the idea behind legends and myths, to the research of scientists. The aurora is a spectacular light display that dances above the Earth in the North and South poles. From dragons to dancing gods, everything has been said about it. Up until the 18th century, the aurora was feared and awed by anyone who saw the brilliant colored curtains high up in the sky. The Romans believed that the aurora were celestial caves that the dead…

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  • Rasputin: Mystery And Hypocrisy, Mystery, And Heophilia

    Rasputin’s history revolves around controversy, mystery, and hypocrisy. Rasputin was known to be a self proclaimed religious man who held holy powers and was able to heal those who were sick. In the early 1900s, Russia was ruled by Tsar Nicholas II. Tsar Nicholas II had a son named Alexei who had hemophilia. There was no known treatment for hemophilia at the time, so the Tsar called upon Rasputin to come and heal his son. Rasputin came and magically healed Alexei, relieving him of his…

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  • Ancient Shakespearean Theatre

    emotion that was easily viewable from far away, but also a device that helped actors to project their voices, making them easily heard. Similarly the separation of space for the actors and chorus help to establish the movement and interactions that occurred between the chorus and the actors. The performances of the Medieval Mystery Plays occurred in a distinctly different staging style. The Mystery Plays were usually performed outside on floats or wagons that were built by guilds. These were…

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  • Bechdel's Death In The Third Man

    too much away, Martins ends up uncovering the circumstances surrounding his childhood chum’s death may be more complex than what’s visible on the surface. The mystery genre -- for both literature and film -- often plays on the idea that the evidence available may not always have the meaning it appears to represent. In Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home, she sifts through her memories and artifacts from her life -- the evidence -- to “solve the mystery” of her father’s life and ultimately,…

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  • Analysis Of Mark Haddon's Novel 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime'

    In the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Mark Haddon introduces Christopher Boone. A 15 year old boy who discovers his neighbors, Mrs. Shear’s dead dog in his backyard. In this paper I will explore the reasons why this is actually a murder-mystery novel, why Christopher would be considered autistic, analyze some of the major characters in the novel and how they relate to the themes of the novel, and explain my take of the ending. Christopher at the start of the novel…

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  • Characterism And Symbols In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

    from the dance and during her long vacation in Bath becomes close friends with Henry’s sister Eleanor. In result of this friendship she is invited to stay at the Tilney’s home, Northanger Abbey. Through her travels Catherine began reading the gothic novels of the time. Influencing her imagination, once she reaches Northanger Abbey, she becomes obsessed with finding a mystery. She creates scenarios of mystery and murder in her head only to realize that it was all her imagination. Even through her…

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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Analysis

    Initially his research focuses on the sad end of the dog Wellington, but soon begins to shed light on a mystery that touches him closely: the death of his mother. During his research he discovers in fact some recent letters from the woman, who was believed dead, and reconstructs complicated relationship tangles between his parents and their neighbors. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time has the advantage of gently treat a difficult subject like mental handicap. The style, mild and…

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  • The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

    The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Throughout time the Bermuda Triangle has been home to several different disappearances. Ships, planes, and people have all gone missing in this odd area. Mystery arose starting as early as the 1800s. Some believe in different theories as to why there have been so many disappearances such as hexagonal clouds acting as air bombs, a strange ocean floor, and erratic weather conditions but, nothing proves to be the answer to these peculiar occurrences. The mystery of…

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  • Mystery Of Iniquity Essay

    Carlos Gale Dr. DuBose English 102 November 14, 2017 “Do we expect the system made for the elect, To possibly judge correct? Properly serve and protect?” (Line 3) Lauryn Noelle Hill, American singer, record producer, rapper, actress, and songwriter, is widely known for breaking several sales records. Especially for her most common and famous hit, nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance, “Mystery of Iniquity.” Through this song, it is luminous to see that Ms.…

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