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  • Ethical Dilemmas In The Brazilian Army

    Payment System The payment of Soldiers in the Brazilian Army presents another ethical conflict between officers and NCOs. The Payment Center of the Army is responsible for the payment of all personnel of the Brazilian Army. It uses a system where the officers receive more due their responsibilities and the other ranks follow receiving less and so on. Nonetheless, the ethical dilemma is in the mandatory assignments, in the financial assistance when the family has children under six years old, and the financial assistance to get military uniforms. When assigned to a new post, Soldiers receive a financial compensation to pay expenses during their movement to cover personal and furniture transportation. However, this financial compensation…

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  • Ethical Dilemma In Law Enforcement Officers

    Ethical Dilemma Situation Ethical dilemmas involving law enforcement officers happen every day. We can create a situation all on our own or we can be brought into a situation just because we are there. The facts remain the same, no matter how we ended up in an ethical dilemma situation, what are we going to do about it and is there a right way to handle the situation. Situation After all of the hard work and effort I have put forth to graduate with a criminal justice degree, I am placed…

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  • The Ethical Dilemmas Of Interview With Four High School Teens

    that posed an ethical dilemma that were difficult to overcome. Since she was working with high school students, half of whom were not “officially” adults, she had to get a consent form signed from their parents, before she could interview them. However, on the decided interview day, one of the teenagers forgets to bring the signed form. This is the first ethical dilemma that Maya faces. On one hand, she could have ignored this minor problem under the pretext…

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  • The Fireman's Ethical Dilemma

    Picture yourself going out for coffee on a normal New York city afternoon, you stumble upon a high intensity scene. You see a man lying on the sidewalk motionless with a crowd surrounding them. There is a woman who appears to be yelling at a fireman who is washing a fire truck just across the street. As soon as you get closer to the scene you realize there are no First responders or EMS workers near the lifeless man. This presents you with an ethical dilemma since you are Ethical egoist, you…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In Politico

    The Politico article that was reviewed as a guide for this assignment discussed the charges brought against two political figures in Chicago accused of attempting to fix the race for Mayor. There were clear examples of unethical behavior that could have been avoided had others around the two key figures had stepped in to question their actions. This assignment will also discuss the difference be-tween leadership and power. And whether the same behavior would have been considered unethical in the…

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  • Short Term 12 Reflection

    short bit of experience at a facility like Short Term 12 in some aspects; I can see where parts of the movie are realistic and where are some are an exaggeration because it is a movie. Short Term 12 was a good movie, and I am glad we saw it. Short Term 12 deals with the idea that “You are not their parent, you are not their therapist, you are here to create a safe environment.” I believe that is 100% true. I would have no problem complying with this because I have a little experience working at…

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  • Relationship Counseling Case Study

    when a couple enters relationship counseling because of conflict and emotional distress? Do counselors have a greater ethical responsibility to encourage couples to maintain the marriage when children are involved? What guidelines would you provide to a new couple 's counselor trying to help a couple decide whether to stay together or divorce? I believe that maintaining the marriage should be the decision of the parties involved when a couple enters relationship counseling because of the…

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  • The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings And The Martyr Theme

    The mere mention of martyrdom may arouse an array of reactions because of its association with killing, violence and/or death in everyone who is familiar with the practice; and although martyrdom is not limited to any person, religion, or society and often, we find ourselves faced with a moral dilemma. But at what cost, are we willing to sacrifice in order to be happy and/or to find what we consider true happiness? Many like to say true happiness is dependent upon various circumstances and/or…

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  • Ethical Dilemma Of Animal Testing

    because they do not have the capability to reason. This argument is not true because we do not grant rights to people based on their level of intelligence. We value people rights based on our empathetic knowledge in order to avoid harm and suffering. Protesting from different animal rights groups helps bring about new laws and changes. PETA's four year international campaign stopped leading companies, such as Avon, Revlon, Estee Lauder, and L'Oreal from using animal tests. According to the…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In Animal Testing

    There are three common ethical concerns expressed regarding the quality of animal lives during animal testing. Animals should lead natural lives through the use of their natural adaptations and capabilities, should function well in terms of health and behavior , and should feel well and be free of pain and fear. Most scientists have “restricted conceptions of animal welfare that relate to only one concern”(Drummond) . We protect animals due to genetic conservation, environmental integrity ,…

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