Ethical Dilemma In Law Enforcement Officers

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Ethical Dilemma Situation Ethical dilemmas involving law enforcement officers happen every day. We can create a situation all on our own or we can be brought into a situation just because we are there. The facts remain the same, no matter how we ended up in an ethical dilemma situation, what are we going to do about it and is there a right way to handle the situation.
After all of the hard work and effort I have put forth to graduate with a criminal justice degree, I am placed in a compromising position by my best friend. As college freshman’s, we were caught with marijuana in our dorm room. We were both arrested for the possession of marijuana, but ultimately all of the charges were dismissed because it turned out the
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I want to become a police officer. I was arrested years ago on a marijuana charge, but the charges were dismissed. I have not been in any other trouble since the arrest. My best friend lied on his application to become an officer at the same department I am attempting to get hired on by. I did not tell my best friend to lie when he was applying to the police department. He chose to not to tell the department about his arrest during his application process. He never gave the department to a chance to evaluate the …show more content…
But in the same breath, I do not feel my friendship is worth compromising my integrity. There may be many consequences no matter what decision I ultimately make. If I listen to my best friend and lie about the arrest, it may come out one day, then we could both face discipline or termination. If that happens, the chances of either of us getting another job in law enforcement is slim to none. Once an officers honesty and integrity have been called into question their career is as good as done. If I lied on the application, I am starting my new career with a black cloud hanging over it. I will always be afraid that my arrest may come out one day. A polygraph is not the only way information can be collected. My best friend did not say anything about the background investigation that will be conducted prior to be hired. What if during the background investigation they investigator checks with the university’s police department and finds the arrest record anyways? I would have lied on my application and most likely the department would not hire me and my best friend could still be

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