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  • Honors Dialogue: A Reflection Of The Ladder Of Dialogue

    Over the course of this semester in Honors Dialogue, I have strengthened my critical thinking skills, challenged my underlying assumptions and beliefs, and learned how to develop shared meaning through respectful inquiry in a group setting. When I initially signed up for this class, I did not understand the type of communication that is dialogue. I knew the premise of the class was that each week a classmate would come to class with a specific topic that we would be expected to think about, create our own statement or position on, and then use the class time to debate. I have learned, however, that dialogue is so much more! As Socrates used this type of conversation to search for the truth, we followed suit and used dialogue to understand the truth behind each classmate’s position on a topic. That being said, we used dialogue, as well as the Ladder of Inference, to understand why people come to the conclusions they do rather than try to collectively come to a conclusion as a group through debate. The Ladder of Inference is a model created to help one understand the underlying values, beliefs, and assumptions he or she has which lead him or him to a specific conclusion about each topic. Therefore, I have learned that dialogue is a great tool for communication and reasoning- unless you use it too much in ancient Greece, as you may become sentenced to death like Socrates! Using dialogue as a tool for communication and reasoning, furthermore, consists of continuously…

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  • The Importance Of Dialogue

    Tutorial C, FB1 Dialogue is not simply the means that informal educators use, but are also what educators should seek to cultivate in local life. They may be approach as relationships to enter rather than simply as methods. Dialogue is not merely a set of techniques for improving organizations, enhancing communications, building consensus, or solving problems. It is based on the principle that conception and implementation are intimated linked, with a core of common meaning. As we know,…

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  • Internal Dialogue

    1. Do you recall any of your “internal thoughts” while having the conversation? o During the conversation I kept thinking about how uncomfortable I felt talking to someone that I didn’t really know and sharing all this information about myself with them. I was also thinking about whether the person thought I was weird and kept staring at his shirt because it had a lot of things all over it. When all of this internal dialogue was going on inside my head, I had a hard time trying to focus on what…

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  • Dialogue Analysis: 'Dialogue Between Jack And Satan'

    This dialogue is between Jack and Satan. The conversation will help demonstrate what compelled Jack to do some of his outrageous actions. Satan is being used as the evil in man’s heart that is within all of us, especially Jack. Satan takes away the concept of ego and superego and leaves Jack with his id. This particular conversation is between Jack and Satan before the death of Simon. Satan: Do you see that boy up there Jack? Do you know who it is? Jack: That is Simon, I believe. Where is he…

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  • Philosophical Dialogue Analysis

    For the philosophical dialogue I asked the philosophical question: “Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?” I asked this question mainly because in science, scientists have to take risks and often fail many times before they succeed. The scientific world would be very different if scientist never attempted to do half of the things they did. Trial and error are key factors in scientific discoveries. My thoughts about this subject before I entered the dialogue…

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  • Euthyphro's Dialogue Essay

    Euthyphro Lisa White PHI208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor: Ian McDougall May 27, 2013 Euthyphro 1- Explain how the concept of holiness emerges in the dialogue and why it takes a prominent position in the conversation between Socrates and Euthyphro. In the Euthyphro, the concept of holiness emerges as Socrates and Euthypho are discussing how Euthypho’s father is accused of murder. They start off my discussing if the murder was just or not. If the murder was just then Euthypho…

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  • An Analysis Of Dialogue In Cicero's 'On Friendship'

    In Cicero’s “On Friendship”, Cicero first explains how he heard the speech that Laelius gave. He then celebrates the friendship he had with Atticus and records the dialogue between Laelius and other characters as a representation of the friendship he had with Atticus. Through reading the dialogue the reader can determine that Laelius truly loved his friend. Furthermore, this dialogue displays the way the Romans viewed and defined friendship while also displaying the value in having a good…

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  • Difficult Dialogue Analysis

    have a difficult dialogue with one of my best friends. I met him through a social network on the Internet. At that time he was living in Reno Nevada and our conversations were always about his marriage problems. In April 2011, he got divorced and in July of the same year my youngest daughter and I had the opportunity to travel to Reno and met him. During my visit there, I also met his ex-wife and their children. At first she looked me as her rival or her enemy, but when we had a chance to talk,…

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  • Interfaith Dialogue Analysis

    Interfaith dialogue refers to the complaisant, beneficial and progressive interaction at both the individual and institutional levels between people of different religious beliefs. The aim of the interfaith dialogue initiatives in multi-faith Australia is to develop a greater mutual understanding between different religious traditions, and so far it has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the broader religious landscape in Australia. As stated in the purpose of the National Council of…

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  • Dialogues Of The Gods Analysis

    we get Lucian’s view of the gods. In this paper, we will analyze the two “Dialogues of the Gods,” X & X. We will interpret the scrutiny of Lucian’s perspective on them. Lucian has learned through Homers poetry the characteristics of the Greek gods. Lucian Judges all gods and allows the reader to journey to see things you’ve never seen before. He allows us to understand that there is no universal order between wealth and power because the gods are just as NAIIVE as us humans. Reading Homer, we…

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