The Importance Of Communication

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In today’s fast paced world, it seems as if there is always something going on. Technology is a big reason why we have become so accustomed to the constant influx of information. With the likes of the Internet and its social media outlets, information is provided to the population faster than ever before. Due to the fact that this form of information sharing is new to the public, many adults are not accustomed to this quick and fast paced form of information sharing. I believe that this form of learning has caused me to become impatient while listening to others.
While speaking to my superiors, who are almost always adults who did not grow in the age of technology, I feel myself becoming impatient while listening to their directions. According
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I posed the question to my father “Do you think the Steelers will have enough firepower to score points without Le’veon Bell and Martavis Bryant in the beginning of the season?” My father took his time to accumulate his thoughts and then responded “I don’t think so. I mean who do they have left to put the ball in the end zone. It is their own fault for getting suspended; how stupid are they?” I then responded in a rather quick manner “They still have Antonio Brown. I think Deangelo Williams will do a good enough good as running back to get us through the beginning of the season.” After this remark my father shook his head in agreement and said “We will see”. We then stopped conversing and continued to eat our breakfast.
While this conversation seems brief and pointless, I actually learned a lot about my own style of conversation. I learned that if I were to take time before I blurted out a response, that I would be able to produce more thought-provoking answers. My father’s response to my original question was very well-thought out and he simply did not just answer the question. He injected his own opinions on the topic of suspensions into the
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If I continued my “old ways” and rushed him to respond, I believe I would have gotten a “No” as the answer to my question. By not continuing to eat after asking a question, I was able to demonstrate a level of respect to my father that I truly cared about his opinion. In recent experiences with conversing with my father, I believe that he felt my questions were only there to be polite to him, so he felt that his answer was not very important or that I did not necessarily care. By demonstrating my patience, he seemed to be very happy to have the conversation with me and I could tell he was thinking about the topic well beyond the end of our actual conversation. After trying this new style of conversation, I realized the importance of patience. Not only does patience help the speaker get their thoughts together, but it helps me in receiving an answer that is very thought-provoking. In the future, I will continue to display patience with those who are speaking to me, especially because I know that adults are not as accustomed to fast-paced information sharing. In addition, I will try to develop a new style of being patient in my own remarks. This entails me thinking about what I am about to say, and taking the few seconds necessary to think of an answer that not only furthers my interest in the topic,

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