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  • The Importance Of Reading Books?

    comfort us and educate us. They touch our hearts and make us smile and cry, they make us human. When reading stories there is so much you can gain from them. Stories give you advice, and have morals, which teach you lessons. Even if you read a book for the hundredth time, when you finish it, it might teach you something new, or a new way to look at it. It gives different point of views. So then you might ask why read books? Well, reading books improves your imagination, it helps expand yourself as a person, and of course simply to have fun, after all reading is just another…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Books

    Once upon a time, books were artfully handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, and accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that lay between the leather bindings. Being very expensive, these works of art were highly treasured and valued. Six years ago, the book world was seized by collective panic over the uncertain future of print. With the rise of digital technology, many physical items, such as pen and paper, are slowly being replaced by computers and smartphones. It is a disappointment that…

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  • The Importance Of Controversial Books

    knowledge and opinion. We are instilled to go to libraries and pick up some interesting books. Books are important for expanding our knowledge and help to develop our ability to make rational decisions. Reading different types of book can open our minds and prevent us from being frogs in the well, someone who cannot see a big picture since he or she is a close-minded. “American libraries should be open to all – except censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to…

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  • The Importance Of Text Books

    for the fast, easier, and cheaper way of issuing students their text books. These academics do not have access to internet, or have a fancy high tech device. Some of these academics have special needs, or just simply get a migraine from staring at a monitor for too long. A person may shop around for colleges, like they do for a book in a book store. The only difference is that the book store does not tell you what to read or in what style you can read the book in. How is it that a…

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  • The Importance Of Print Books

    globalization. For instance, in North America, Lee R. Et al (2012) illustrate, a fifth of adults prefer to read an electronic book and the majority of them choose Ipads or tablets to read instead of personal computers. They show that the number of e-book read by year is 24 compared with 15 printed books. Furthermore, Lee and et illustrate with their survey in 2012 on Americans readers that. Initially, 83 percent of them prefer e-books for a fast access, meanwhile only the 13 percent prefer…

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  • The Importance Of A Book Cover

    People aways say don 't judge a book by its cover, but if you think about it book covers are very important. Book covers need to be intriguing to the reader to make the reader want to read the book. Throughout all of my schooling have found that most of the books I need to read have horrible covers. You have to ask yourself, Will I even read this book? Or does this cover make me what to read this book? I believe that when you buy something you have to have a personal connection to enjoy it…

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  • The Importance Of Paper Books

    To put it mildly, the physical component of a book is generally referred to as nothing but a pretty picture. Efforts to realign the core manner of books fail drastically, however, several new features present themselves through the unearthing of electronic books(Streitfeld, 2013). As of January 2014, studies conclude that about 50% of Americans own a dedicated handheld device, either a tablet, or an e-reader for reading e-content(Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps, 2014). Under those…

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  • The Importance Of Ban Books

    schools banned books to prevent negative influences on their child. This issue has impacted students that they won’t be able to read great books and learn about realistic issues that happens. They won’t be able to create an ideal thinking of their own and creativity. Having literature is part of a growing children 's minds and to explore. It is not meant to get rid of just because of the cynical influences and controversial issues in the books. Since many parents want to ban books because…

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  • The Importance Of Picture Books In Private, By Anthony Browne

    Anthony Browne (1946- ) is a well-known author due to his picture books – he has approximately forty picture books to his name-. Among them, The Tunnel is an appropriate example to be considered so as to show the importance of reading picture books. As Browne states “I hope to encourage more children to discover and love reading, but I want to focus particularly on the appreciation of picture books, and the reading of both pictures and words. Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books…

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  • The Importance Of Book Writing

    Romance, horror, comedy, and mystery are all genres of books. Some more interesting than the other depending on the person. So how does one choose what they want to write about? Important factors have to considered, such as ideas, plots, climaxes, endings, character names, and their personalities. Writing a book is a lot harder than it seems when it comes down to it. But before stress engulfs the mind and writer 's block sets in before the first word, follow these few steps and it will make…

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