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  • Feminism And Feminism

    Christianity is often associated with numerous negative connotations, especially in the context of feminism. There came a point in my life when I realized how much feminism mattered to me and how little religion meant to me. I especially connected with the piece about Kathleen Norris because I felt she was writing about a lot of the things I’ve experienced growing up with religion and subsequently doubting it. I grew up going to church with my mother, but as Norris once said, “we go to church in order to sing, and theology is secondary (WW pg 281).” We “church hopped” around various denominations as my mother searched for a congregation with good music. As a result, I never really took church seriously, so it was easy for me to give it up. This is actually a source of conflict between my mother and I. I used to think my mother was so cool and liberal and I felt like I watched the fun drain out of her after her conversion. I realized her relationship with God is a source of strength and comfort, but I watched it strain our relationship. Her views towards feminism, LGBT rights, and abortion have become more liberal, but only after having numerous, difficult conversations with her. I will never submit to a religion that tells me I am anything less than a man. Christianity has long used the bible to segregate women into an inferior, sinful, and almost inhuman place. Their primary “evidence” is usually drawn from Genesis 2-3, where Eve was created second and was the…

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  • Feminism In Feminism

    civilized societies around the world and feminist theorist are leading the charge to the day both the male and female children will be accorded same respects in all endeavors of life.(Misiroglu, Gina Renée. American Countercultures : An Encyclopedia Of Nonconformists, Alternative Lifestyles, And Radical Ideas In U.S. History. Armonk, N.Y.: Sharpe Reference, 2013. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 19 Oct. 2014). Feminism which is defined as “the recognition and critique of male supremacy and the…

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  • Feminism And Feminism

    at least three others exactly like it, and so do so many other people in this world, and when I say “people”, I mean women. That is when the word feminism comes to play. Many people around the world believe feminism is about hating men and having women be the dominant ones in society. This is false. Feminism is a movement or cause that promises respect and equality at all fronts for both women and men. Not just in a political, social, and economic stance but also a physical and spiritual one.…

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  • Feminism Vs Radical Feminism

    were. Women are also fighting for reproductive justice. We should have to right to choose to have a child or not to have a child. All of these issues contribute to the feminist movement. Feminism is the organized advocacy around political, economic, and social equality. When most people hear the word feminism, they probably roll their eyes thinking “not these people again”. That is because people have this false definition of feminism that puts down men instead of making us equal. I have even…

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  • Feminism And Global Feminism

    lens of thought to be picked up and further discussed. Grewal participates in this discourse in her article “'Women's Rights as Human Rights': Feminist Practices, Global Feminism, and Human Rights Regimes in Transnationality”. This paper shall analyze and discuss how Grewal applies previous theoretical concepts related to feminist discourse in order to offer a Transnationalist Feminist critique to the Global Feminist notion of Women's Rights as Human Rights. First and foremost, what are the…

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  • Feminism Vs White Feminism

    simply because they were regarded as the lesser gender. Since then, many strides have been made, and now, women can vote, pursue careers, and so much more; however, in spite of that, women still are not seen as equals among their peers. Mainstream feminism has a problem as old as the movement itself: prioritizing the experiences and voices of cisgender, straight, white women over women of color, queer women and those who fall outside this narrow identity. While the problem has persisted for…

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  • Feminism Vs Feminism

    Feminism and femininity seem to be opposites in the cultural landscape of the United States of America. In popular culture, feminism can be interpreted in two different ways: the definitive interpretation and the social interpretation. Feminism as definition is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Merriam-Webster). The definitive interpretation of feminism is what it actually is, a movement of gender equality. Socially, feminism can be synonymous to misandry…

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  • Liberal Feminism And Liberal Feminism

    When discussing the different feminist theories, it is highly important to define feminism. Whenever we discuss feminism often or not, patriarchy is brought to the table. Looking through the lenses of women today; we notice different situations because of the diversity among ourselves (women in this case). Skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion and nationality all play a huge role in the discussion of what connects women to each other. We will be taking a look at how patriarchy…

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  • Feminism And Cultural Feminism

    Cultural feminism is a variety of feminism which emphasizes essential differences between men and women, based on biological differences in reproductive capacity. Cultural feminism attributes to those differences distinctive and superior virtues in women. What women share, in this perspective, provides a basis for "sisterhood," or unity, solidarity and shared identity. Thus, cultural feminism also encourages building a shared women's culture. The phrase "essential differences" refers to the…

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  • Feminism In Unsettling Feminism

    In 2014, Stoya found that the application of feminism is discovered in different sets of “values, worldviews, and actions.” (Stoya, 2015, pg. 201) This serves as a representation to understand how feminism is integrated and practiced in our lives. Another key factor to take into account is the actual definition of feminism. In 2012, Haslanger noted that feminism is a commitment of the intellect as well as political involvement to “seek justice for woman.” (Haslanger, 2012) A reason as to why we…

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