Feminism And Eco-Feminism

Many events in history add up to women being treated more equally. Certain beliefs of feminism is that they are centers of creating life. Protection of women was issued when prohibition had been passed, alcohol was abused and people would end up being injured. Some women are trying to make a political movement that concerns ecological concerns with feminism. Some feminists will argue that they should be able to wear whatever and not have attention from the men they are avoiding, the reasons some women dress more provocatively is to gain attention from men and when they get the reaction they want from a man but not the man they intended women will blame all males.
Ecofeminist fail to realise that current rape culture has nothing to
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Women are kept safer now a days with given laws than they were in the early 20s. Science.com explains the definintion of feminism as, “Feminism can be defined as the thought and movement toward the political, economic and social equality of women and men.” (How Eco-feminism Works) Patriarchy is a word that basically means the head of the house is in charge. It just so happens that men end up being the head of the house so feminists twisted the definition to give their movement a better backbone, “It is quite easy to discern a sense of hatred and opposition from the definitions feminists give the word patriarchy.” (Feminism at its …show more content…
What women wear represents them. Some psychopaths have raped innocent women but not all women that have claimed rape have been. There are many examples of false sexually assault charges on innocent men. How women represent themselves in clothing and actions is how they will be treated. Many women will dress provocatively to attract attention from men and be upset when attention is given. There is not a fair fight. Some feminists are known to march at ralleys topless to get their point across. If a lady is drugged after a night with a partner she has a right to feel victimized and pursue justice by authorities. "It is intellectually dishonest to think we are living in a rape culture," Ms Southern says in the introduction to a video on a feminism rally against sexual assault. Rapists go to jail if they are actually guilty of rape. Rape culture shouldn’t even be a thing. Feminist have shined so much unnecessary light on what shouldn 't be such a common claim. “Rape Culture: While patriarchy has many definitions to hide its meaning, this feminist theory has only one meaning; a term used within women’s studies and feminism, describing a culture in which rape and other sexual violence (usually against women) are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or encourage sexualized violence.(a Voice for

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