Role of Women in Freedom Struggle Essay

  • Gender Roles And Roles Of Women

    Gender role played a vital role in today’s society and have throughout the history. Gender role, of women, particularly in the 1950’s was very strict. They had very limited resources or opportunities. Women were considered incomplete without her husband beside her. Women were supposed to fulfill certain roles, such as caring mother , a diligent homemaker and an obedient wife. Divorce or parting of the ways was infrequent and unusual. Society had a negative perspective towards divorce women. This is

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  • The Role Of The Women

    The role of the women in healthcare has evolved considerably from antiquity to modernity. Whether women earned the title of nurse, doctor, caregiver or obeah women, their place in history is one of influence and silent courage. Women have been perceived as being in the shadow, or in positions of low standing in relation to that of men. They are spoken of as being the “weaker” and more docile of the sexes; yet have still managed to operate in positions of power and influence. In the struggle for a

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  • Gender Roles : Women And Women

    Gender roles play a huge role in how men and women are seen and how they interact. Men are seen as tough while women are seen as weaker individuals. Media, and its portrayal of gender roles, feeds into how society sees gender. Media is not the only why gender roles continue to persist. The society men and women live in also hurts them. The patriarchal society dictates how gender roles are seen and how it affects men and women in their everyday lives. Sex and gender are two different things entirely

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  • Racial Justice : The Black Struggle For Freedom

    exist, we must continue to challenge systemic forces and continue educating our white allies on people of color’s oppression to ensure a utopian society. In There Is a River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America by Vincent Harding, an African American historian, he examines ways that will lead to the freedom of people of color. He writes, “Now, as we dare to take responsibility for our own future as individuals and peoples, as we give up the fantasy that presidents or the best charismatic leaders

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  • Women 's Struggle For Suffrage

    Women’s struggle for suffrage was long and sometimes bitter. In most cases women won the right to vote in uneven stages. It was a really hard fight, but these ladies that are about to be talked about did everything in their power to be able to get the right to vote and get to where all of us women 's are right now. From all these ladies fighting and going to jail, crying, suffering, not eating and many other things they got the 19th amendment approved. It all started in The Progressive Era. “Progressivism

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  • Women And Women : Changing Roles

    Men and Women: Changing Roles in Society From the time a mother welcomes her new baby into the world, the child is forced into a certain color blue or pink. From that moment on children are taught gender roles, the do’s and the dont’s of being a girl or a boy. Boys are blue because blue is masculine and strong; boys play with trucks and are not supposed to cry. Girls are pink because pink is soft and feminine; girls like dolls and are extremely emotional. These are roles that are given to men and

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  • Women 's Role For Women

    Women were stereotyped as housewives and primary care for children; men were the labors and the main source of income. Women have been progressing throughout the years moving into male dominated jobs and acquiring a degree. Men and women are brought up in different ways and better at certain skills. Recent years stereo types have change and women have been allowed to work in male dominated jobs and gain an education but still struggle with how people perceive a woman in the work place. Women are

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  • The Struggle For Women 's Rights

    function of women in America has been ever-changing and progressive since the established institution of republican motherhood of the colonial period. Throughout history, many women have attempted to oppose the meek, and maternal cutout that was made for them by patriarchal societies. The fight for women’s rights has been long and strenuous with many victories along the way, leading up to the ultimate campaign for gender equality during the 1960s lead by influential, empowering women. One of the

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  • Women 's Rights And Freedom

    past that women have overcome, but there are still many issues today that we still can’t seem to resolve. Even though the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created to resolve these and many other problems we have in society, it still doesn’t seem to support all the issues that women still face. Women do not feel safe, secure and protected in the choices that they make in society because their rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights are not consistent or stringently enforced. Women are still

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  • Gender Roles Of Women And Women

    A gender role is what society considers is a normal or typical behavior based on their sex. The social norm in society for women is they take care of the cooking and cleaning in the household while having a caring attitude. The social norm in society for men is that they work and bring home the money while being strong, mentally and physically. Even though a higher amount of women are working and providing for their family, gender roles still do exist in today 's society because of the fact that

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  • Women 's Freedom Of Women

    Women in Islam are often thought to be oppressed and downgraded, or at least that is what is shown by the media. What to consider is, are these portrayals of women in Islam accurate? Does Islam truly hold men above women, condemning the rights women have? Are women in Islam truly helpless or is that what is being shown to believe? By looking at the holy Quran, scholarly articles, and books, women do have equal rights in Islam. The role of women in a household will aid in determining a woman’s democracy

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  • The Struggle Of The Liberation Of Women

    Emancipation Proclamation, and over the past semi-century, 50 years, women have been gaining more and more liberation as well. But what is liberation? How how does it come about? Control comes from seven different powers—money, knowledge, God/ religion, morality, charisma, size, authority, violence— and liberation is achieved when someone no longer holds any of these powers over you. Just like the African America slaves, in the past women have mainly been controlled by money, knowledge, size, authority

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  • The Struggle For Women Throughout American History

    The struggle for women throughout American history has always been a substantial battle, from as early as the suffrage movement, to more recent fights such as the wage gap and the right to choose. It would seem that in light of these issues, women of all backgrounds would present a more unified front in utilizing activism to combat inequality. The reality is that the rift between women has existed in various forms, such as women who fought to have a place in the workplace being criticized by women

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  • Women 's Status And Freedom

    Source Criticism • Women had little to no authority and weren 't treated as equals in 1st century Palestine • A women 's status and freedom was severely limited by Jewish law and custom • They were considered inferior and subordinate to men • There is no wisdom in a woman except with the spindle" (bYom. 66b) • Men had complete control over their wife and their daughter until she got married establishing their activities and their relationships that they were involved in • Women were passed from the

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  • Women 's Role For Women

    the main purpose of gender was procreation. Women’s role was exclusively a homemaker while other kinds of contact with the outside world took on the man. This, of course, gave men the right to treat women below themselves in regards to societal status. But with our time, technological progress, scientific discoveries and feminism, situation has changed dramatically. A woman in today 's society has a very different status. They now have freedom that somehow disables the word, sexism. Women’s History

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  • Women 's Freedom And Freedom

    80’s, women have come very far from their humble, suffocating Puritan roots to demand freedom and respect in America. This social change can be seen in our first anthology (The Norton Anthology, American Literature, Beginnings to 1820, Volume A) through early American literature, as female writers become more common near its end. However, despite the fact that women were able to finally write and publish, there were still several limitations that kept women from their creative freedoms. Women could

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  • Women 's Freedom And Emotion

    only the response with a courtesy standard-smile. In the article “Why Women Smile”, Cunningham shares how women use the smile as a tool to manage and resist society’s expectation, overall the society has the most control over women’s freedom and emotion. According to a famous psychology expert Carl Jung, “woman is expected to be more nurturant and less aggressive” (Jung 1875 – 1961). For sake of the society acceptance, women have no choice, but to use the smile as a tool to manage its’ expectation

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  • Women : Women And Gender Roles

    Women and gender have played huge roles in our history and in ancient films that we see today. We have seen these gender roles in Troy, 300, Alexander and many more. Throughout ancient history, women have showed and have helped us understand more about different ancient Greek cultures. With there role in society we are able to find out more about how each Ancient Greek city felt about gender and gender roles. The roles that women have played in history and in these movies are different and sometimes

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  • The American Struggle For Freedom

    significantly impact the American view and society today. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, greatly helped the U.S become what it is today through his major contributions to the American struggle for freedom. Frederick Douglass, a former slave who bought his own freedom also forever, changed the way American’s think today through his fight against slavery. and the contributions he made for equality. Although both individuals changed the way people see America and legacy will

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  • Women 's Role For Women

    The last few decades’ women have been portrayed to be fragile on-screen. For years, women’s role on-screen was to stay home to clean, cook, and to care for their family. Women were not given leading roles in films or television shows; instead they were just given secondary roles where they did not speak. They are given roles where the main character is a male and they are presented as being defenseless. Now there are many roles that allow women to start in films and television shows with a variety

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  • Women 's Struggle For Equality

    colonization and founded government. Whether still abroad on another continent or joining them in the outpost, women were a supportive feature to the enterprise. Wives bid their loved one farewell, perhaps never to return from across the ocean. Frontier women worked alongside their men to build shelter, grow food, and tend animals. As the colonies grew past their need of English governance, women maintained the home and farm as their men went off to fight. The new nation was lead, not only by the men

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  • Women 's Roles And Roles Of Women

    it comes to the acting out of their gender roles. Women’s role consists of what class they partake in or choose to place their self in. Woman may place themselves in the independent, housewife, workaholics, and or party animal group. The average independent woman consists of having their “own” without a man around. The housewife’s main occupation is running/managing her family 's home for the children and husband to the household needs. The workaholic women usually have no time for man or kids considering

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  • Women 's Struggle For Women Empowerment

    The problem with the country is that women are treated like gods, or at least said so, but as soon as you put a woman on the pedestal, you are already degrading her by putting her aside. It is high time that people realize that woman are not gods, woman are human beings. A woman is not just a mother, daughter, wife, sister, because if this is the case, what about the women who have no relation in this world? Should she cease to exist? No. Therefore, once women are treated as human beings just like

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  • The Struggle Over Women Suffrage

    Dudden, Faye E. Fighting Chance: The Struggle over Women Suffrage and Black Suffrage in Reconstruction America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014. 1. Thesis: Dudden argues the feminists of the Reconstruction Era saw an opening for women 's suffrage when coming abolition of slavery and black suffrage. Dudden 's book is the tale of black and women suffrage movements finding ways to coexist and ultimately fighting against one and other. 2. Themes: 1. The first theme of the book is teamwork;

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  • Gender Roles And Roles Of Women

    that gender role differences have evolved and adapted to the different time periods and to their different events. In the 1950s, married women played a significant role in relation to their husbands. Society expected wives to be dedicated to their matrimony without no further interests than being a pillar of support to their husbands. An article titled, “Every Executive Needs a Perfect Wife.” From a 1956 magazine called, “Good Housekeeping.” Directly portrays the difference in gender roles and what

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  • Women 's Freedom Of Mobility

    If through poetry, the qiyan aimed at achieving freedom in regards to their bodies, the muhsanat (singular: muhasana) poets aimed at achieving freedom of mobility. Muhsana is the Arabic word for a noblewoman whose behavior is regarded as pious. Unlike qiyan, muhsanat did not take part in the male society, since it was considered as sinful to be part of the activities. Conversations with men, other than the men within her family, were considered immoral. If a free woman appear in public, her action

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  • Canadian Women And The Struggle For Equality

    Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality Lorna R. Marsden’s Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality: The Road to Gender Equality since 1867 is one that documents the journey of women in Canada almost 150 years ago and the key moments in their journey towards equality. Marsden draws extensively from numerous historical documents that chronicle the path towards equality and also shows the struggles women have faced since the time of confederation and the challenges women in Canada still face

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  • Roles And Roles Of Women

    of women being allowed to join all combat roles and positions in service. Those mainly opposed are men and women that argue that the physical ability, efficiency, and military readiness will not be at the standard expected from men in the military. While there are many pros and cons to opening all combat roles to women, the pros outweigh the cons in areas of importance. The argument against women joining combat roles can be discredited by research showing that the physical abilities of women can

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  • The Awakening : Women 's Freedom

    The Awakening: Women’s Freedom Women’s independence is a big achievement. Kate Chopin in her novel The Awakening shows the power a woman takes to change herself and society around her. Through the novel, the character evolves mentally and physically for her freedom goal. Kate chopin forms a character who goes stubbornly against the society rules. In The Awakening, Kate Chopin argues that women can live independently without marriage and women have to make their own life choices; she developed this

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  • Women 's Rights And Freedom

    in history in terms of giving women the rights and freedom that were mainly almost exclusive to men. There was a time when women were not allowed to vote and were seen mainly and solely as the supporters and nourishers of their families at home. Even though there are still some characteristic inequalities between men and women in today’s society such as uneven pay, uneven job opportunities, and even some lingering ill feeling towards working women, the rights of women have changed exponentially to

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  • Women 's Freedom And The Freedom Of The Children They Bear

    fight for their freedom, and God knows what the human race would be like today if men had not, since time began, fought for their freedom, then it is right for women to fight for their freedom and the freedom of the children they bear." The words of Emmeline Pankhurst, the patron of the Women 's Social and Political Union (WSPU). She defied the universal belief that women were frail creatures that had no business in the decisions that move a country forward. She believed that freedom in political and

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  • Gender Roles Of Women And Women

    insult because you are being compared to a women. Women are being held back and losing opportunities simply because of the fact that they are female. We now have the Feminist Movement allowing families to have similar roles without being discriminated because of their sex. Feminism is society accepting the mindset that both genders can hold the same occupation without facing criticism because of our cultural norms. It is the elimination of gender roles because it withdraws the certain expectations

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  • Gender Roles Of Women And Women

    change then you will have a hard time in life. The one thing that hasn’t really changed is gender roles between men and women. Gender roles refers to the society 's expectation on how men and women should behave. Although some people don’t think gender roles fit into society, most gender roles fit very well. Everyone has heard of traditional gender roles, but do they know what they really are. Masculine roles are usually represented by strength, aggression and dominance. Men are expected to be strong

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  • The Struggles Of Women 's Equality

    to believe that women once had to fight for their rights to vote and the right to gain economic or personal independence like men. For years women have been subjected to unequal treatment and discrimination regardless of their race, culture or socioeconomic status. From birth boys and girls, male and female are expected by society to play certain roles based on gender, religions and other beliefs. Gender stereotypes have enforced the difference between men and women, it labels women as weak, submissive

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  • Women 's Role For Women

    if they do get hire, women will receive salary that much lower than men. In the world of science, there are a few women working because they do not have the same opportunity as men such as education that build mainly for men success. Women find themselves struggle early on in their education because the subject such as math and physic were much make for men and they were not allowing to taken it. Because of this woman later find themselves unprepared for college and struggle to catch up and begin

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  • Gender Roles Of Women And Women

    Gender Role in Society Gender roles in society have a major influence on inequalities of healthcare, due to gender specific roles prevalent in society. A woman is the main provider of informal child care, disabled and older people. Consequence of this role involves reduced sleep, less leisure time, and increased risk of poverty for women (Nursing Times, 2015). Women who are full time caregivers are highly effected by the majority of poverty (Nursing Times, 2015). Effects of poverty can cause significant

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  • Roles And Roles Of Punjabi Women

    breadwinner role changes. In the developing world, traditional family systems are running up against the demand of industrial production and modernization, and the taking up of paid work by women is often the locus, and focus of conflicts (Gill & Matthews, 1995). With that being said, for the purpose of this paper, I argue that the role of Punjabi women has started to emerge in the sense that they are now participating in the workforce, and are not simply adhering to their typical gender roles. I will

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  • Struggle for Freedom Essay

    Andrew Papis 1 May, 2012 Perspectives on the Individual Final Course Paper The Struggle for Freedom Human beings are emotional individuals. Their feelings direct them in one direction or the next, and brutally establish who they are, and what they do. It is the human environment that activates these emotions, and these emotions that in turn impact the human environment. They can be either positive or negative in nature, and are centered with government and society. When life is attained from

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  • Gender Roles Of Women And Women

    between men and women in all spheres of society. Gender equality an important trend in all around the world in recent years. This question runs through all the problems of the present and is important in the life of each of us. Under the new views on the development of social equality of men and women determined international organizations a key element of how human development, as women and men are inseparably linked with each other and society through family ties, relationships, roles and responsibilities

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  • The Progression Of Women 's Struggles

    Progression of Women Struggles are known to be the efforts to be set free of the so-called “chains” that may be holding someone back. Back from what, you might ask? For women, it is a name for themselves. To become more than a homemaker. A wife. A mother. A caregiver. To become known as a key factor in how this country is run. To be known for how much they give and how little they take. While female Americans have come so far, it was not an easy or quick road to become who they are today. Women have not

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  • freedol Nora’s Struggle For Freedom in Ibsen's A Doll's House

    Nora’s Struggle For Freedom in A Doll's House In many cultures, a woman is expected to assume the role of the submissive, attentive wife. Often, a woman's role is limited by society to that of wife and mother. Henrik Ibsen, in his play A Doll's House examines the consequences of the stereotypical roles of women in marriage. Isben allows the reader to follow Nora, the main character, “along her difficult journey to regain her self-esteem and self worth”(Durbach 153). From the very first lines

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  • Gender Roles And Roles Of Women

    that gender role differences have evolved and adapted to the different time periods and to their different events. In the 1950s, married women played a significant role in relation to their husbands. Society expected wives to be dedicated to their matrimony without no further interests than being a pillar of support to their husbands. An article titled, “Every Executive Needs a Perfect Wife.” from a 1956 magazine called, “Good Housekeeping.” directly portrays the difference in gender roles and what

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  • Women And Women 's Roles

    history, the roles of important religious figures have all been dominated by men. However, women also play a significant role in everyday practices. Women’s roles in religion is determined by examining the traditional roles of women, the progression of women’s rights, and women’s roles in religion today. Although many religions have different beliefs, the traditional roles of women were quite similar. In Christianity, although men and women were equal before God, they had different roles and responsibilities

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  • Women 's Role For Women

    Sources say that women were not allowed to act in theatre productions because they were uneducated compared to men. Playwrights, audiences, and mostly everyone, feared that due to this education gap, women wouldn’t know what to do when they got on stage, which could potentially ruin the entire production. This made women feel significantly less intelligent, and even worthless. Men, especially the wealthy, for lacking basic knowledge and education, often taunted women. Despite the fact that they

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  • Women 's Struggle For Equality

    Throughout history Women have been subjected to cruel and unfair treatment in an unequal society designed to oppress the physically inferior woman. Men 's superior strength has too often debacle a woman 's ability to strive for success and reach one 's full potential. All over their struggle for equality, being oppressed, women have shown that they have the drive to persevere and come out on top in an unjust society. These women are valued not because they have unerring moral compasses

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  • The Struggle For Equality Among Men And Women

    For centuries there has been a struggle for equality amongst men and women. Men have been viewed as the superior race, forcing women to overcome many obstacles of being the lesser, of the two genders. One area which does not receive much attention is the sexual repercussions women have faced in relation to the number of sexual partners they have had; and sexual relationships prior to marriage. Women for centuries have faced sexual repercussions due to the “double standard”; a rule or principle that

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  • Gender Roles And Ideas Of Freedom

    Gender Roles and Ideas of Freedom in “Why I Put My Wife’s Career First,” A Doll’s House, and On the Subjection of Women Women have historically been relegated to domestic roles, while men have been designated for more public roles. As a means of helping women in the struggle for gender equality, nineteenth-century Western writers began to detail the faulty factors that contributed to the problem. Some authors, including John Stuart Mill with his book The Subjection of Women, argued that women had proven

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  • Women Struggle With Inequality And Oppression

    In many cases, women struggle with inequality and oppression because the government lack enforcement to protect them. In Iran as well as Nigeria, the government focuses on other elements such as economic growth rather than protection of women. The lack of government support and protection affects the inequality that women faces. With no protection against violence and oppression faced by women, it makes women extremely vulnerable in society. In some cases, the government takes an even detrimental

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  • Women And Women 's Roles

    and women have had distinct roles in our society. Men were the breadwinners who made the income, defended, and represented the family. Women were the caretakers who raised the children, cooked, and cleaned the house. Over the years, our society has progressed and women started to participate in the workforce bringing income into the family. Women no longer depended on men to take care of them and were able to support themselves and their children. As time passed, the traditional family role, in

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  • Role of Mahatma Gandhi in Freedom Struggle Essay

    Sasasktikaran Aur Jan Sanchar Souvenir of Dept. Of History Madhayam Modinagar Ginni Devi Modi Girls P.G. College Modinagar(U.p). p.p-210 2007 Nari Shiksha Aur Badlta Samajik Proceeding of National Seminar Drastikorn On “ Role of Education in Empowering WomenIn India” in Ginni Devi Modi Girls P.G. College Modinagar(U.p)P.P. 143-148 2006 Ram Charit Manas mein Paryavaran Proceeding of U.P.History Congress, Nanital Exploration in Indian History, Deptt of History

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