Feminism In The Yellow Wall-Paper And The Story Of An Hour

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Basically, feminism is regarded as the movement that aims at making women equal in the political, social and educational fields. Simply, feminism aim at promoting equality in the workplace, education and political representation. Therefore, feminist belief is based on the notion that men and women should possess equal rights and opportunities in all fields as dominated by men. Thus, women are intellectually and socially equal to men. The article aims at evaluating whether the selected texts, “The Yellow Wall-Paper” and “The Story of an Hour” support the feminist belief.
“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin reflects the feminist belief. Mrs. Mallard as the main character is overcome by the grief of the loss of her husband. Mrs. Mallard’s act shows that the female is generally emotional compared to men (Kate, 1). Mrs. Mallard is also introduced as a weaker person right from the beginning of the story through which she exists to be having heart problems and
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Simply, women need to have similar opportunities as men in their personal selection in their area of interest. “The Yellow Wallpaper” tell a story about the struggle for a woman in the male-dominated area and societal beliefs. The story focus on an experience of a woman who is driven mad as a result of societal norms. “The Story of an Hour” focus on the issue of women in unhappy marriages reflecting on how marriages tend to oppress women. Specifically, Mrs., Mallard is oppressed in her marriage whereby she has no rights and freedom. Mrs. Mallard seek for freedom for a long time and announcement of her husband death made her grief for a short period but eventually feels relieve since the absence of her husband would the onset of her independent freedom. Basically, the chosen texts support feminist belief in regards that women should be treated quality as

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