The Story Of An Hour The Yellow Wallpaper And A Jury Of Her Peers?

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“The Story of an Hour,” “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and “A Jury of Her Peers” are all short stories that symbolize the oppression of women and the drastic differences between the rights they had versus the rights of men. The stories address the issues of women being mostly domestic and subordinate to men. Women during the 19th and 20th century were seen to be worth less than men and were considered inferior compared to their male counter-part.

In “Story of an Hour” the main character Louise is a housewife whose husband loves her even though she does not often love him. Louise learns that her husband has died in a tragic train accident. Like any other wife, she grieves at first but shortly later realizes she would soon be free, “Body and
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Which is ironic because most would believe if she was treated fairly she would not have been happy about his death, but the opposite occurs and she is excited by his death. “The Yellow Wallpaper” also has a theme like the one from “Story of an Hour.” Both of the main characters husbands are respectful and are not intentionally crude to them. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the main character has serious depression, and her husband is a doctor so with his best intentions he attempts to help his wife deal with the depression. Later in the story he carries his wife to her room and lays with her until she feel better but even though he was trying to help her this only worsens her depression. She wants to be independent and not need to look to her husband for help, when he helps her to her room that only sh0ws more oppression and shows how dependent she really is. The worsening depression caused her to lose touch with reality. The character was obsessed with the yellow wallpaper that way in her room. She felt that she was virtually confined in her small little room. Perhaps this was due to the barred windows, scarce amount of furniture, and the location of the bed in the …show more content…
This didn 't hurt her social status because she didn’t get a divorce and had nothing to do with her husband 's death. Based on the time period, she would have inherited her husband 's wealth, property/land, and if they had children she would have rights to her children. This is seen in “Story of an Hour” when the main character heard her husband had passed away she would have inherited everything he had, that is until he appeared at her doorstep.

The author of “The Yellow Wallpaper” may have been symbolizing the sexual roles she had in the description of the wallpaper, and due to her confinement she hallucinated and pictured metal bars in the windows as if there was no escape. She perhap thought of her marriage as a prison. During the turn of the century women were only used for sex and marriage for the practical way of

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