Education to Build a Better Future for All Essay

  • Why It Is Important to Further a Person Education and Build a Career to Make a Better Life.

    There are times where a young person may find that continuing their education is way harder than just making money on the streets. Hustling may be one of the main reasons why a young person may leave school and be considered a high school drop out. Being out daily in the streets takes a person no where, but later behind bars normally spoken as incarcerated or with no one but them selves. Being on the streets can do a lot to a person; even to where some can be stuck on drugs and become a drug addict

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  • Future of Education Essay

    One significant message from these endeavors is the continuous discovery that teachers are the pivot in determining if any school program leans toward accomplishing success or failing to accomplish success. All facets of education changes are dependent on extremely trained teachers for its achievement. This is particularly accurate as educational standards get higher and the student bodies of our schools are increasing in diversity. Teachers require more knowledgeable skills to teach more difficult

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  • The Future of Education Essays

    with various deadlines often given to different people at different stages of their learning. Second, Learning Approach – It doesn’t appeal to all learning styles so some learners will not enjoy the experience – especially strong activists and pragmatists.  It is still a challenge to make eLearning appeal fully to these groups as different people learn better or worse using different styles. Some may prefer images, some prefer just reading words and some prefer to talk about or actually do a task in

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  • Education: Past, Present, and Future Essays

    why he played with the horse manure, the boy replied, "Well, with all of this horse manure, there has to be a pony somewhere ." This story best relates to our education system. Now while students may think that school is a waste of time, it has been proven that it is really the key to lead us to the pony at the end of the rainbow. While we may not like school, it will always benefit us in the long run. The furture of education is changing ever so rapidly. New classes are starting to emerge from

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  • Importance of Education for Future Generation Essay

    Our pure research and scholarship will enrich our students and society through our strong networking. The public accountability is part of education responsibility in promoting trust, transparency, and good governance to the public. Education responsibility in learning is to enrich our future generations with up to date curriculum, good learning process both in the class and outside the class, train them in the many critical and non technical skills that are required to day, educate them to value

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  • First Step Towards A Better Future Essay examples

    EIS is very supportive of my continuing education and by providing tuition assistance lets me know that they believe investing in me is a good decision. At the moment most accounting positions are housed within the corporate office in Atlanta, however thanks to technology, many jobs traditionally located there are being held by people living outside of Georgia. Of course if this plan fails to come to fruition I will pursue an accounting position outside of my current company. With Charlotte being

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  • Education is Important for the Country´s Future Essay

    Education will also help the young people to improve their thinking skills. Education allows you to learn the mistakes of the other people in the past and not to ever repeat the same mistakes. Finland, for instance, when the children reach the age of studying, the teachers already start to teach them to develop cooperation and communication skills in order to help them in the future. Even the teachers in Finland, in order to teach the students, they must have at least a Master Degree. With this,

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  • Essay about Loan Officer: Helping to Build a Better World

    The loan officer explains all of the different types of loans, and then he explains the details surrounding each loan to the applicant. After the loan officer explains the types of loans, the loan officer checks the applicants financial information. The loan officer then will analyze and evaluate the finances of the applicant to determine if the applicant is allowed to get a loan. The last thing the loan officer will do is approve the loan application, or if they are undecided will refer the application

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  • Year Round Education is the Schooling of the Future Essay

    schools. A major issue of nine-month schools is overcrowding. The amount of students is increasing. The only thing for these schools to do is to spend millions of dollars to build new schools just to allow every student the opportunity to learn. YRE schooling is the answer to overcrowding. YRE schools do not need to build more facilities to hold the growing number of students. This is because at a YRE school, there are many different groups of students. For example, one group of students would be

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  • Essay on Internet - Virtual Education is the Future of Learning

    "As work and play become more integrated, both students and professors will prefer to have a life, and fit their education/teaching into it." (Leonard, 1997) An example of a successfully growing VR classroom is through the University of California school systems. Students throughout the UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, and UCSC campuses are learning via computers. Elliot Brown Lee, a history professor at UC Santa Barbara, who is coordinating technology efforts system wide, said, "By virtue

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  • STEM Education: How Teachers and Parents Can Help Create a Better Tomorrow

    Professional development classes are the way many teachers stay current with new teaching styles and theories. Properly prepared teachers can easily incorporate these new strategies into any level of classroom. Early childhood education should be a child’s first introduction to STEM education. “Although four disciplines are included in the acronym STEM, science and mathematics are the most familiar to teachers of young children” (Moomaw, 2013, p. 3). Most preschool learning centers have an underutilized STEM

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  • It Is Better to Have Tried and Failed, Than Not to Have Tried at All

    effectively improve on them, this is why he was able to succeed. Theodore Roosevelt puts it amazingly well: "It's not the critic who counts; Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit goes to the one who is actually in the arena; Who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again; Who knows the great devotions, the great enthusiasms, and spends himself in a worthy cause. Who, at the best, knows in the

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  • I Must Work to Make Higher Education Affordable to All Essay

    It is clear that students can’t afford to go to a college or university due to escalating costs. Even public universities have raised their price tags, making it prohibitive for those who want to get a higher education. That is why I want to create a system, which allows all students to have an advantage to go to college and succeed to globalize the economy and our world as we know it. As I first introduced “The National Bank of Colleges and Universities” (NBCU), in general, is a bank with alliances

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  • •from the E-Activity, Evaluate the Situation of the Organization You Researched. Create a Program Outlining Steps the Organization Might Take to Build Better Public Relations.

    success. The company’s success can be seen as going back to the basics of their core objective. The move would be a market departure from the firm’s diversification strategies of “banking on Boston Market and Chipotle Grill restaurants to obtain better future growth opportunities in the mature fast-food market” ( Although this diversification strategy didn’t pay off for McDonald’s it allowed them opportunity to focus on their core business. Moreover, it took them back to the basics

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  • Essay about To Build or Not to Build

    All of these elements possess an astounding liveliness that has spoken to people around the world and shaped much of the best of what we think of still as American culture. Though many may argue that it is nearly impossible to recreate traditions that have been deracinated by the unfortunate inevitable, it is safe to say that it is not the St. Louis Cathedral, nor Jackson Square, nor King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band that makes the city the landmark that it is. It is the spirit of vigor and

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  • Essay on Redefining Education for the Future

    However many preschool programs are inadequate or nonexistent. Consolidating head start and current preschool programs to include every student would go a long way in making sure that children start off their educational career with a strong foundation. Earlier exposure to resources could also allow for physical and educational issues to be recognized earlier allowing for additional services to be provided to allow children to catch up with their peer group. Although this program would call for additional

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  • Sensorial Education

    “The training of the senses must begin in the formative period of life if we wish to perfect them through education and make use of them in any particular human skill.” (Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child, Pg. 147) Discuss the difference between sensorial impression and sensorial education. Give examples to show your understanding and explain why sensorial education is considered important in the Montessori classroom? Maria Montessori believed in a necessary relationship between children

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  • How can education at the high school level help avert or minimize a future foreclosure crisis

    Presently, the United States spends enormous per capita national expenditure on education than most countries in the world. Most of the studies that have been conducted on young people in the western society mainly focus on their transition from the family and school setting into adulthood life and careers. Lack of a connection between these phases of life in an individual renders him incapable of handling the day to day issues in life. Reasons and solutions to foreclosure Foreclosure crisis is one

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  • Education Essay

    the right to education. “The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to education. They agree that education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and the sense of its dignity, and shall strengthen the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. They further agree that education shall enable all persons to participate effectively in a free society, promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations and all racial, ethnic

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  • Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets

    Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets, 8e (Hull) Chapter 1 Introduction 1) A one-year forward contract is an agreement where A) One side has the right to buy an asset for a certain price in one year's time B) One side has the obligation to buy an asset for a certain price in one year's time C) One side has the obligation to buy an asset for a certain price at some time during the next year D) One side has the obligation to buy an asset for the market price in one year's time Answer:

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  • ‘Snowball Would Have Made a Better Leader Than Napoleon.’ Do You Agree?

    Snowball not only had plans for education, he also had plans to keep the farm sustainable. Snowball was such a good leader that it made Napoleon hate him and he felt threatened by him. Therefore after Snowball declared his future plans for the farm, Napoleon attacked and drove Snowball out of the farm. Snowball planned to build a windmill to produce energy and electricity, to provide machinery that needs to be used on a farm. Although it would take a while to build it would be worth it in the long

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  • Essay on Unions Weapon of the 21st Century: Education

    the basics of unionism. Up to now many of the experienced members education has been in the form of technical training, or they have had to learn by “trial and error.” Now, that the 21st century has brought in these magnitude of challenges; “the [main] goal of union or labor education [should not only be] to build a more capable and knowledgeable union membership and leadership” (Schachhuber, 1979, p. 151), but to also build greater solidarity within the labor movement. Also, unions “can no

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  • Essay Private Better than Public School

    students than private. The students would have more diverse culture. Public school don’t charge tuitions and aloud every kids to have educations for their future. Public receive Federal funds from the government. Teachers are pay much better than private school and this give them better investment in their careers. Students are also provided with transportation and all teachers are certified educational instructors (Elizabeth 1). Public school gives students a free bus transportation that parents won’t

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  • Education: The Factor of Democracy Essay

    Children go to primary school, secondary school and finally onto higher education such as college or doctorate degrees (Stanford). Also like the United States, the French pay for the education of their children and eventually, the students and parents are able to decide how high of an education the child will actually receive. As of 2012 in North Korea, there was a compulsory education of 12 years; all of which were paid for by the state (Country Studies). Although no exact data has been released

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  • Past Present and Future

    Present, and Future Growing up I did not have much encouragement to get an education beyond high school. In fact, I swore I would never go college. My words exactly were, “I am not crazy enough to finish 13 years of school just to go back for another 4 or more and have to pay for it!!!” The thought was absolutely ridiculous. Then I started my first job at Sonic Drive In. I saw grown men working hard in the kitchen and sweating over a hot stove all day everyday. Suddenly a college education was very

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  • Benefits of Physical Education

    Benefits of Physical Education in Elementary and Early Childhood Settings Tracy Linwood PED 212: Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities Instructor Carly Davenport June 6, 2012 Benefits of Physical Education in Elementary and Early Childhood Settings The need for quality physical education in elementary schools is an important needed foundation for young children to maintain a future healthy lifestyle. The benefits of having physical education in elementary schools are endless. For

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  • Essay on The Future of Nursing

    Recommendations from The Institute of Medicine will not only affect the way nurses prepare to enter the workforce through education but also the way nurse continue to learn and the methodology behind their daily practice as health care professionals (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The Institute of Medicine would further like to build an infrastructure to allow for the collection and interpretation of health care data that would allow for efficient data sharing with the public (Institute of Medicine

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  • Education and Poverty

    Exploring Poverty and Education Education and poverty is a difficult subject to explore. Many views are held when it comes to the value of education for the underprivileged and whether or not it is the key to removing an individual from an impoverished condition. “The Social Animal”, a book by David Brooks, explores this subject of poverty and education through the life of one of his characters named Erica. Erica comes from an ethnic background, from a broken home, born from parents who did

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  • The Purpose of Education Essay

    They shape us to become better people so that we might be model citizens in our society. We have to learn from the past and assimilate it into what we want our county to be; it is our job to govern the future of our nation. Another purpose of education that I am going to mention is the learning of basic skills. When I was younger, I was in a class where they taught you how to write a check, sew, and cook. It was a tedious class at the time, but it taught me valuable skills that I now use. Another

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  • Studying Abroad Creates Better Students

    abroad creates better students There have always been various matters of concern in our modern society, and one topical issue is studying abroad. According to Scott (1998), studying overseas has become a global trend, especially in English – speaking countries. As a matter of fact, when people’s standards of living improve, they often think about increasing their knowledge so they could have a better life. To do that, they are eager to study for higher education (i.e: university education) overseas

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  • Education and the Evolving Job Market Essay

    true today. Teachers are still looking for a way to shape the individual, to prepare students for the ever-changing future and must do so by acknowledging their strengths and talents while helping them develop other necessary skills and understanding. But, what exactly are the current educators of our nation facing, and what do teachers need to do in order to best aid the future generation? According to Voltz, Sims, and Nelson (2010) teachers in the world today are confronted with more diversity

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  • Professional Development - Future of Nursing and Iom Report

    Professional Development - Future of Nursing and IOM Report In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) launched an initiative to assess and reform the nursing profession to address the complex unique nursing needs for the current world. The IOM report published in 2010 calls on nurses to take greater role in the healthcare system by taking leadership roles and obtaining high level education. The report envisions nurses to use their full potential and attain

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  • Build-a-Bear Case Study Essay

    273 | Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. From 10-K report | | | | Some important information that can be pulled from the income statement and the balance sheet is in the chart below: Looking at these ratio’s we can see that they need to keep lowing their Cost of Goods Sold, and also increase and gain larger increase for all of their net margin’s. SWOT Build-A-Bear Workshop has a few strengths in this industry. This includes the market share it controls. Also all of the locations

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  • Higher Education: a Wise Investment

    Higher Education: A Wise Investment The world is perpetually changing, and people are changing with it. Every day, there are new demands, necessities, and ways to achieve success in the 21st century. Consequently, to evolve at this rapid pace, people desperately seek opportunities to grow intellectually and feel they have succeeded in life, because everyone has his/her own inner power to make the world better. According to a contemporary model of a liberal society, humans are placed in the center

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  • The Future of Ecommerce

    The Future Of E-Commerce And The World Wide Web Today, we all know that the internet has become a lifeline for any business or brand which is trying to make a name for itself globally. The simplest definition of business is – any activity or transaction which involves the exchange of goods and services with an intent of making a profit or consumer satisfaction. If this very activity is executed over the internet, we would call it

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  • Personal Philosopy Statement on Early Childood Education

    Personal Philosophy Statement of Early Childhood Education Name Lecturer University Due date Abstract This essay is my personal philosophy statement on early childhood education which represent my views on what should be done in the early childhood sector these include ;to impart fine morals and ideals in the children that I come into contact with, esteem each child and the families culture, beliefs, and race, make sure that the treatment I give to each child is fair to ensure that in each

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  • Special Education

    The education system in our country was put in place in order to do service to our children. Despite this, in many cases, children that have disabilities are neglected by their schools. As a society, we all want to make sure that these children are being taken care of. However, there is a large spectrum of students with disabilities, and more needs to be done in order to meet every individual’s needs. In some cases, they do not receive enough attention, and others receive so much that it holds

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  • Education in America vs. Education in Third World Countries

    Education in America vs. Education in Third World Countries A few weeks ago, I was walking downtown, when this random came up to me and said “You in school? That’s good, that’s good. Education is important.” From the state of her hair and clothes, and the smell of her breath, I assumed she was homeless. I didn’t really pay much attention to her, because homeless people are so common in downtown Atlanta. I was just hoping that she wasn’t going to ask me for any money! After a while, I started

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    PROGRAM FACAULTY OF EDUCATION RESEARCH ON TEACHER EDUCATION TOPIC: TEACHER EDUCATION IN NIGERIA IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF LIFE-LONG EDUCATION LECTURER: PROF. RAO CONG-MAN et al PRESENTER: DIDAM BANENAT DATE: JUNE, 2013. CONTENTS An overview of Nigeria Introduction Educational Structure of Nigeria Management of the Educational System Genesis of Teacher Education in Nigeria Colleges of Education in Nigeria The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) The National

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  • Education Crisis in America

    Griffin Thomas 2/25/2014 The Education Crisis in America Currently the U.S. has a major problem on its hands, education today is constantly losing money while we put more of that money and time into our prisons rather than our schools. By showing kids that it is more important to be tough on crime than it is for a proper education is wrong. If these practices continue you can expect to see higher drop-out rates and larger prison populations. Education should be the U.S.’s top priority and we

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  • Build a Bear Workshop Essay

    choose one from the bulk of the readymade toys whereas Build-A-Bear allowed the customers to get themselves involved in creating and designing the toys. It was more fun and educational to the children and the parents. Though most of the traditional shops were facing decline in the sale and many of them were already out of market and the remaining few were on the verge of being overrun by the new gadgets and sophisticated technology. Build-A-Bear workshop gave the toy shops a new hope in reviving

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  • Effect of Education on Economy

    How Education And Training Affect The Economy February 25 2012| Filed Under » Economics, Post-Secondary Education, Young Investors Why do most workers with college degrees earn so much more than those without? How does a nation's education system relate to its economic performance? Knowing how education and training interact with the economy can help you better understand why some workers, businesses and economies flourish, while others falter. See: Keeping Up With Your Continuing Education

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  • Criminology in the Future

    CRIMINOLOGY IN THE FUTURE 1 Criminology in the Future As the world changes, people change, new technology advances, and so does crime. Criminals look for new ways to commit crime and the “loop holes” in the laws. The justice system needs to stay on top of these new technologies to protect the people. With the advancement of technology, law officials have to follow the rules of law. Law Enforcement must keep these “liberties” in mind when fighting cybercrime. The Bill of Rights guarantees

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  • Assignment 1: to Build or Buy

    Assignment 1: To Build or Buy Student Professor: Business 402- Small Business Management February 1, 2014 The small business that I chose to compete with is a barber shop that I frequently visit. This barber shop is located in the small town of Charles Town, WV. This Business is called Sharp Cutz Barber Shop. Sharp Cutz is surrounded by several different types of businesses such as schools, grocery, and retail stores. Sharp Cutz was owned by a different barber previously

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  • Future Emergencies

    Future Emergencies This short story was written in 2002, a year after 9/11. So the setting is the post 9/11 America contributing the sense of uncertainty and insecurity of America’s future and the fear of changes in American people’s lives. The female narrator She isn’t given a name, probably she’s used to represent ordinary Americans whose pleasant, enjoyable lives have been afflicted by 9/11 attacks, becoming frightened, anxious and longing for their past ways of life. Before the incident, she

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  • Reforms of the German Education System

    Reforms of the German education system: The abolition of the divided secondary school system and a prolonged integrated primary school In Germany at present six- to ten-year-old pupils visit primary school from first to fourth form. At the age of ten an allocation takes place: the pupils are divided into four groups depending on intelligence and achievements at school. The ‘Gymnasium', which is roughly equivalent to grammar school, is visited by the best ones, and their final examination after

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  • Build Contracts Essay

    (Rosenberg, 2012) Allocation of the buildablility design risk under the red book. The Red Book is the latest in a line of traditional build standard form contracts. It has been selected as an example standard form contract to work through in detail how the buildablility design risk is allocated (Rosenberg, 2012) Variations The Red Book specifically states that the contractor cannot change the permanent works design, but if the contractor spots a buildablility design deficiency, the contractor can

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  • Essay on The Importance of Music in Education

    Musical education can greatly contribute to children’s intellectual development as well. 8. Emotional development: Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures. They also tend to have higher self-esteem and are better at coping with anxiety. 9. Students learn pattern recognition: Children can develop their math and pattern-recognition skills with the help of musical education. Playing music offers repetition in a fun format. 10. Better SAT scores: Students

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  • A Philosophy of Education: In Experience there is Direction

    A Philosophy of Education: In Experience there is Direction Abstract I believe that greatness is within all of us; we just need a little help finding it sometimes. I have come to understand that one caring person can make all the difference in someone else’s life. As I venture further into my teaching career, I hope to help my students to Education is a journey of seeking answers and experiencing. Every human being has the ability to learn and apply meaning to education. Learners should

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  • Personal Philosophy of Education

    encouraging words instilled a level of confidence within me that I still cling to and apply more than 40 years later. Her commitment is directly responsible for my personal philosophy of education also being commitment. Other philosophies of education like dedication, responsibility, diligence, honor, and respect, all fall under the umbrella of commitment. For it is impossible to be committed to something without also being dedicated to that same thing. Dedication is defined as self-sacrificing devotion

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