The Importance Of Art Education

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Maxine Green once stated that “The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world, but they may change human beings, who might change the world.” The arts can benefit many attributes of a person, either physical or mental. In time, students, teachers, and parents started to realize that this quote may have a point. For these benefits to appear, public schools should add more art to a school day. Art can help build better character, students test score will rise above their normal rate, and art can allow students’ imagination and creativity to expand to new horizons.
Adding more art to public schools can bring many advantages. For example, students and teachers behavior and action can improve, and they can build a better character. The article, “Make Art, Transform Lives: The Importance of Art Education,” gives support towards having art, and constructing people a better character. ”Not every young person will become an artist. But they will all be better students, employees, and citizens if they indeed they indeed have the opportunity to embrace their creativity” (Lynch 4). Art can help people embrace
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Art can help students expand their creativity and innovate in new ways. In the article, “The Advantages of Having Art in Elementary Schools,” they state a fact showing that art can improve kids’ creativity. “Art classes give children another approach to learning that may activate the imagination and ignite the interests of children who struggle in other classes” (Thompson 4). When students allow themselves to become an inspiration, they can make many more opportunities for themselves. For example, in the future students could potentially create something new, based on what they have seen in their own experiences. Maybe it could be a website or a building, both of these things include art somewhere in there roam. Having art in kids’ lives can build new innovations in result of

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