My Closest Grandfather (Revision)

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My Closest Grandfather

My grandfather passed away on Jan 19, 2014, due to kidney problems. My grandfather had suffered a lot before he died. They were the worst days for me because I didn’t imagine my grandfather would be hospitalized for over a year. This was an especially difficult time because I was away with my family in Morocco. I felt sad most of the time because I didn’t have the chance to visit my grandfather in Saudi.

My grandfather was a good man and I love him because he was kind to his family. He was not strict; he was funny and at the same time he was quiet. He would do anything to make his grandchildren happy and satisfied. One day, he called his grandchildren to come over. We came and we sat down with him. He
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He went to the hospital to meet with the doctor to see how was he doing. The doctor was shocked that my grandfather needed extra care and my grandfather was bleeding internally. The doctor asked for my uncle to step up and talk to my grandfather about the issue that he was having. My grandfather agreed that the hospital takes care of him. The doctor immediately did a surgery to stop the bleeding. On that day, I was studying for my last final exam. After I finished studying, my father came home late from work; he stepped in with a red, troubled face. My mother started to get worried about my father and why he was red faced. She asked, “Is everything all right?” My father was still quiet. I realized that there was a problem happened. My heart rate got higher and I got worried. So, I sat down to see what had happened. My mother still asking my father the same question, “Is everything all right?” My father finally responded to my mother in a low sorrowful tone, my grandfather just passed away. I was shocked and I felt like an arrow came into my chest. I didn’t realize at the beginning what my father’s words meant; I was speechless. He said that my grandfather died due to internal acute bleeding. I cried all week long; I did not see him for about 4 months because my family and I were living outside the country. Now, every time I step into his room I get good memories and I start crying. I

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