My Grandfather

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Success Comes from Hard Work
My grandfather has always been a great inspiration to many. Many people grow up having everything handed to them. This makes people not work hard to obtain what they desire. My grandfather is an admirable man. He had to overcome several serious obstacles in order to succeed in life. Many people didn’t believe in him. When he was younger he was told to be like everybody else, but he wanted to make a difference, therefore he did. He grew up in a little town called “Tecoanapa” which is located in Guerrero. People who live there have very little opportunity of ever doing something with their lifes. It’s a very poor town. Therefore, kids have to start working at a very young age. My grandfather like every other kid in town started working when he was 8 years old. His family had a farm with cows, horses and many other animals. His job was to take the animals around town, feed them, and other duties depending on the day. He had to wake up every day at 4 in the morning, and he would come back home after 8 or 9 hours of hard work.
My grandfather was raised by a single mother, because when he was very young his father passed away. He was only 8 years old when his father was working on the farm they own, when suddenly he cut his hand with a piece
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But after a little while he finally did, he found a little room to rent, and he started working at a market. Not even one week had passed and he had already registered for school. Now he had many expenses to pay, he was paying for school, rent, and he was also even sending money to his mother back home. His mom told him to keep the money, but he was such a generous man. He was very afraid to attend this school because the city had a higher level of education than his little town. But he was a very determined man. After a year of studying he graduated as the top student in his high school which gave him a full ride to a great

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