Barriers And Adversity-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Barriers and adversity are two things that shape people and their lifestyles. Like any other person, I’ve had my fair share of problems. However, my biggest burden has been the fact that no matter how much my father wishes to be in my life, he can’t. On May 25, 1995, my father was imprisoned in Mexico. I’ve only heard his voice in phone calls and seen him in pictures. Although the situation is disheartening, my grandmother had the opportunity to step in to help my mom out. While my mom was working to pay rent and bills, my grandma was taking care of my twin brothers, my sister, and me. When I was four, my grandma passed away due to breast cancer which left my mom to raise four children at thirty years old. It wasn’t long before I entered kindergarten. My teacher was also my aunt and she took me under her wing. She taught me plenty of things including my first words in English and how to tie my shoes. My aunt filled whatever gap I had in the absence of my father. Growing up, all my friends were raised by both a mother and a father. Everything from “Daddy’s little girl” apparel to yearly Father Daughter Dances I couldn’t partake in had me feeling different and excluded. My aunt ignored the cracks and simply focused on the benefits, strengthening me with her wise words. She was with me every step of the way until she was diagnosed with …show more content…
Even though growing up without a father has been very difficult, the amazing people in my family have shown me that a single person doesn’t dictate your future. I have learned that I can be just as successful as the people that are raised by both a mother and a father. Losing the people that stepped in as a father has been difficult, nevertheless I gained core values that I had not known in my youth like how to be resilient in dark times. If life throws you out to sea, only you can choose to either surround yourself with water and let it take you in or

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