Mexican Heritage In My Life

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Mexican heritage has played a significant role in the development of my dreams and aspirations. Being a first generation child has inclined me to develop a different mindset on how to approach education and everyday life. Along the years my parents have endured a vast amount of sacrifices in order for me to be where I am today. Through my parents I have learned that many things are attainable alongside sacrifice and hardwork. To begin with, my father has been a great inspiration in my life due to his dedication, determination and hardwork. From a young age he has experienced the loss of someone dear, which is a component that has dictated his way of life; therefore, resulting in his methods of parenting towards me. At the age of thirteen my father’s mother died in his arms due to a cardiac arrest, leading to a motherless life alongside his six siblings. This unfortunate event has lead my father to try to be more involved in my life. Nevertheless, this death did not stop him from persevering in life to gain a place in society. …show more content…
to obtain a better life, I have always been taught to dream big. After hearing about my parents pasts and observing the characteristics they have, my dreams have developed. My life goal is to be financially stable for my family alongside helping others. Essentially I plan to be better than my parents for they have sacrificed so much so I could have the opportunities that I do; therefore, I only see it as reasonable to be a successful person in life. I am aware of what my parents are doing for me, that in itself motivates me to go above and beyond.
Overall, my parents have made me a person hungry for ambition, yet conscious enough not to become selfish or arrogant. I thank them and all the sacrifices that have made for me, because without them my goals would not be the same. In the end family for me is the biggest contributing factor to all my goals and

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