Personal Narrative: My Father For A Better Life

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There are people who I look up to for a better life. One of the people that I get inspired is my father. As a child, I would see him struggle for us to have a better life than what he had. My dad has been through a lot over the past 48 years of his life. Trying to be independent with no male role model in his life is hard since he didn’t have anyone to look up to.
My father was born in a small town in Michoacán, Mexico called Capacho. He has one older sister and three younger brothers. He attended school until the sixth grade since my grandparents could not afford to pay for his textbooks or the school uniform. Since he couldn’t go to school, he started working at a young age.
He first worked in making baskets that were sold in, what we called, a swap meet.
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I knew that I couldn’t get upset with him because I know that he was doing something for us that later in life can help us achieve our dreams and goals.
As a father, he has given us a lot of advice on how to look at life and what the consequences can happen when entering the wrong path. He looks at his life to become a better person for us and tries to improve the mistakes his own father made. I have learned a lot from his stories on how one idea can get you as far as you want. Sometimes I feel that my own father can work on things to make him a better father but it’s not a major change.
Now I am trying to give back to my parents for all of their hard work that they have earned and achieve throughout these years. I don’t know what I would do if my father didn’t over come his fear into coming to America. Thinking about it makes me fortunate to life the way I 'm living right now while others are in poverty trying their best to get their lives

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