Personal Narrative: How My Father Changed My Life

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Waking up every morning wishing for a good morning kiss from my father just like the novelas on T.V was everything I always wanted. I was only six years old and had grown up not knowing who my father was. Unlike other kids at my school who always talked about their father playing with them, I was not able to talk about my dad. Celebrating birthdays and wishing my father was there to sing or even blow the candle with me was just a fantasy in my mind. I was young girl growing up a bit bitter because I thought life was not how a little girl would imagine. The only thing I knew about him was that he had left to the United States when I was two years old and since then he hadn’t return home. Later on, I was able to understand more why my father chose to leave his family. He had left because he wanted a better future for us. Just like myself, my father also had a dream to one day come back to his family and give his children a better future than his and finally live happily together again. Having a big impact in your life at a young age, can make you realize many things about life. My father not only affected my life by leaving me at a young age but also gave me the greatest gift a father would give, which was to never give up on your dreams. …show more content…
My father had left to the United States when I was two years old. He left looking for a better life not only for him but for his whole family. I was young and didn't fully understand the struggles my parents were going through at that time. My father had two choices, stay with his family and work twice as hard to bring little money home or leave to the United States and find a job to earn more money and give his family a better life. His choice at that moment was the best for all of us yet I grew thinking it was the worst because he left leaving my brother with little memories of him and me without knowing who he

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