Personal Essay: I Want To Go To College

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I grew up in what is considered a low income family, but I’ve always wanted to go to college. Before I even understood the concept of degrees, I would tell my parents “I want to go to college for seven years!” because I thought we could just choose how long we could go to college for. As I grew up, my goals became realistic. Instead of being president, however, I now want to do something that involves helping others and educating. I would like to work in schools, preferably high school was an English teacher or abroad to teach English as a second language. Another interest of mine is world history, so I would also enjoy working in a museum or teaching history. I would really enjoy just about anything that involved literature or world history. My dad has inspired me to achieve my goals and reach my full potential in life. He has worked hard his entire life and I believe if I put even a fraction of the effort into something that he puts into everything, then I will …show more content…
My father has struggled throughout his life but he doesn’t complain about anything. He works harder than anyone else I know, doing jobs that no one else would ever want to do, to support his family. My dad is currently working as a driver for Lowe’s, meaning he drives delivery trucks around the state, delivering refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and any other appliances that customers had bought. He wakes up at five in the morning to drive 40 miles to get to work, to get home at 9 o’clock at night. He carries refrigerators upstairs and downstairs almost every day so that he can support his family. Before he was working at Lowe’s, he worked at a small business where he drove around the county cleaning and delivering portable toilets. He has worked hard every day so this his family had a roof over their heads and that has inspired me. I believe that if I work even a fraction as hard was my dad does every day, I can achieve whatever I set my mind

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