Essay On Attending College

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Deciding to attend college was basically a no brainer for me back when I was in high school. I had a passion to further my education, which would give me the skills to eventually enter the medical field, in which I have high desires to achieve. Receiving a higher education is a necessity to entering the medical field. The fact is, however, even though this was an easy decision for me, it now became a matter of how I would provide the means to fund it. College is an investment, both financially and for your future. From a financial standpoint, the medical field is very well paid, but requires education beyond a bachelor’s degree in most cases, which makes the whole process an even bigger investment. When you make it to the point of preparing for graduate school, you have to take on even bigger loans because a lot of the aid that you received on a need basis is no longer supplied. Growing up in a middle class family, we didn’t have the funds at our disposal to pay for college out of pocket. The first step in funding this decision was to apply to FAFSA in order to obtain financial aid so that college can be as affordable as possible. Even …show more content…
I learned that most importantly of all, there will be opportunity costs in almost anything that is worth while. Making sacrifices now is the basis for the foundation for achieving long-term success in the professional world. I also learned that while making any major financial decisions, you have to consider all aspects of the deal, such as the current state of the market and other variables such the influence of supply and demand on the price you are paying. In the future, I can definitely vision myself in constant reflection on the basis principles of this class, as they can be readily shaped to fit and help solve a multitude of problems that may be encountered in the journey through

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