College Essay: How College Changed My Life

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How college has changed my life
Graduated from high school mean that you are ready for real world and continue to the college. Many students have planned their goal for college and future when they were at 9 grade. Most of them are very lucky because they got their parents cover and pay for their school tuition. Unlike them, my family could not afford for me so I started to find a job and pay the tuition by myself with little help from financial aid. My life changed a lot since I went to college. I have no time for family and friends, I have to work full-time to pay for college tuition and I have to time are more freely than high school, but has changed my life with three reasons like lacking of time, working full time, and lacking of preparation.
The first reason college has changed my life is that I have no time for family and friends. Most of the people after they attended college they have more time to spend with their family and friends. When I attended college, I have less time for people around me and spend most of my time for school and work. Seven days a week, I go to
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Now a day, the tuition fee for college are really expensive, I have to work full time job to pay for it. For example, the course in college are not the same like high school. In high school, the money pay for student to go to school were coming from their parents’ tax. On the other hand, college are totally different, students have to pay the course’s tuition before they could enter the course. Every year, the tuitions fee are increase, working a part-time job will not afford to pay the tuition, therefore, I have to work a full time job. The money I earned from working full time, it helps me pay for the course, and some of the expend that related with the course. Even though, working full time sometimes giving me hard time, but I try my best to manage it so things will not get out of

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