College Admissions Essay: If You Have To Go To College

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“You have to be successful, you have to go to college, you have to a career, you have be superior to us economically, you have to be the difference in your family, and we are not going to let you throw that all away for some girl.” My parents would say every single day. That day was different because that was the day my parents found out I had a girlfriend.
I remember the day my parents found out I had an emotional relationship with someone their whole world was flipped inside out. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was laying down on my bed and my mother entered the room. I felt her presence hover over me and with a voice of disappointment, anguish, and in emotional instability, she asked me “What is this picture of you doing on the internet”,
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When I started my relationship I told that person my plans and goals after high school and she understood perfectly. I would go to college presentations, take advanced classes for college, do extracurricular activities, clubs, and I was very busy because I knew my priorities as an induvial not as a couple. My job as a son in my parent’s household is to attend school, get the highest grades possible, and go on to a four year university. I did not let fourteen years of education go down the drain because of some girl that isn’t worth not attending college. When I began my relationship I was at the mindset that I had been in since eighth grade of I have to do what will affect me in the long term not the short term and thinking like that allowed me not change my …show more content…
I never spoke back to my parents to not give them empty promises. Every day I would come home and my mom would ask me a series of questions to see if I had been with my girlfriend and I would lie to my mom and she would know and just tell me ,“when are you going to understand that she isn’t for you?” The day came when my mom was right and my girlfriend ended our relationship and my mom was proud it had ended but was concerned about my emotions. When we broke up because she no longer wanted to be with me I no longer cared as much as I should have because we had drifted apart and we were just together because we didn’t have anyone better; until she found someone better. This was an experience I needed to have to not make the same mistakes further in my life. Due to these experiences I did not let a relationship affect my grades, my emotions, or my priories in

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