Family Honor Essay

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Presenting or showing honor to your family is a big part of success. My family always told me to go on with my education, and to be someone better than them. At first I wasn’t sure if I could make it with the responsibility of going to college, and working two jobs. But with the dedication and the encouragement of my family to move on, I can conquer anything I desire. I always believed college wasn’t right for me, stressing to turn in assignments, the money spent, it was all too much.
Many teacher’s throughout high school believed in me, that I should go to college and so did my parents. They wanted me to be better than them, have a better job than them, but most of all be more responsible than them. Many acquaintances told me I would do big
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I’d prefer making money by working, then going to school. I was never the smartest make decisions, all this pressure of going to college and doing the right thing is all too much. In high school, I was an outstanding student. I participated in many school activities and that was my plan for college as well. But I can’t do this with a huge responsibility over my shoulders. Bringing honor to my family will be difficult after I tell them this heartbreaking secret. Many people I’ve met, say it’s harder to graduate college with a baby. Most drop out in their second semester and I’m frightened that I’ll be one of those. By telling my family this secret not only will they be very disappointed but also they won’t have any respect for me. They’ll not only deny me as their daughter but also say I ruined my life, by carrying a child which they weren’t hoping for.
I’ve always felt that I should go to college, due to my parents pushing me and telling me I would get a better career in life. But in reality that’s not true. College can be specified to only people who have goals and want to move forwards in life. Bringing honor to your family, can be brought, in many ways. Who knows maybe it will finally hit me, that I am enrolled in college and all that I am currently doing it’s for the benefit of my family and my

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