Personal Narrative: Sex Before Marriage

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I was in middle school when I remember going to the pier with my mother and my grandmother. We started the day, exploring, because my grandma was visiting the country. I remember telling them that I had a crush on a boy from school which was very awkward to tell at first. They told me about how I shouldn't have a boyfriend till the age 18 and they told me that I had to wait to have sex till I get married. Mostly my grandmother who is very religious believed that sex before marriage is completely wrong. My grandmother was very strict on my mother, who did not have a boyfriend till the age of 18 as well. At that time, those two things did not matter to me because I knew I was too young to have both.

At the time of the event, I did not feel as much about the topic because I was too young but it did affect me when I was getting older. I was always very close to my mother but when she told me that I was not allowed to have a boyfriend before
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The things that were taught was how to put a condom on, birth control, and sexual transmitted diseases. Three individuals taught them from a clinic called, c-capp. Students were not divided by gender, we were all together, Boys and girls were assigned to put a condom on a penis model. We also learned about the anatomy of the males and females. It was both abstinence and comprehensive sex. The teachers were supportive on any decision that the students had, only concern was being safe.

During high school, I was really not interested in the sexual part of education because I was not interested in having sex. I knew I was not ready because I was not seeing anyone and I was not physically ready. It kind of made me uncomfortable during these classes for some reason. My parents never really were open to me about sexuality and its activities. So coming from having no idea about sex to a class full of students my age was really awkward at

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