Philip E. Johnson's Reason In The Balance

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Phillip E. Johnson is a retired Berkley law professor and one of the leading proponents of intelligent design theory. Though having taught at Berkely as a law professor for over thirty years, Johnson’s renown stems not from his credentials in law, but from his critique of Darwinism. Since the publishing of his book Darwin on Trial, Johnson has become a well-known critic of evolution. In another one of his works, Reason in the Balance, Johnson articulates how naturalism, the philosophy of behind Darwinian Theory, has replaced the Judeo-Christian tradition as the “established religious philosophy” in areas of science, law, and education.
Johnson utilizes a wide variety of sources when articulating worldview and how worldview affects science,
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Although arguments for evolution dates from ancient times, Darwin’s idea of natural selection made evolution a plausible theory. The theory of evolution, “the blind watchmaker thesis” as Johnson refers to it, argues that purposeless material processes are responsible for the existence of the universe. This proposition provides the basis for naturalistic philosophy. Since the 1890s, scientists have largely accepted this new philosophical approach to their disciplines. Through the aggressive promulgation by the media and academia, America’s government has become dominated by this new religious …show more content…
Sex education has been a notorious failure in the education system. Such programs fail because they teach teenagers to be judges of their own sexual behavior—not society, not their authoritarian parents, and certainly not the church. Sex education programs approach sex from a “neutral” viewpoint by teaching students to postpone sex until they are more mature, but encourages them to use proper protection if they are unable or unwilling to wait. From this “neutral” viewpoint, there is no good explanation for why students should not have sex when the technology to prevent or terminate diseases and pregnancies is readily available. Sex appears to be just another sport activity where only the proper gear is needed to stay safe.
The neutral approach to sex education in liberal is education is destroying the family unit in society. This pretense of neutrality only encourages a relativistic perspective of sex amongst teenagers. This relativistic approach to sex does not provide good reasons for why students should avoid adulterous, divorce their spouse, or even bother getting married at all. Liberal education does not prepare citizens to be good spouses or parents. The relativistic approach to sex promotes citizens to be selfish and irresponsible people—causing fewer marriages, lower birthrates, more divorces, and more

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