The Importance Of Bullying In High School

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I was never physically or verbally bullied as a child. I was shy and soft spoken; therefore, I never did anything to attract attention to myself. Instead of harassment, I had more difficulty dealing with isolation. Though this is not same type of bullying we had seen in the video, it did make me depressed and abandoned. I typically felt this while attending McKinley High School. McKinley is full of cliques, which may be due to a high rate of students from the same middle schools. Most of these students remain with their middle school cliques for the majority of their high school career. When I entered McKinley, all of my friends were from Washington Middle School. Having had so much history with them, I thought of myself as an integral part of the group. However, as high school progressed, I realized that I was never invited to any of their events. They would plan it in front of me; however, they never asked if I would like to join them. They would recall their shared memories and …show more content…
They were constantly bullied and pushed to their breaking point; therefore, when one person stood up for them, even if it was of the smallest gestures, it was truly appreciated. Additionally, I learned that the students just wanted to feel accepted. They wanted someone to listen to what they had to say; however, they would not be able to do so if they continued to remain in a negative atmosphere. Therefore, similar to the school professionals, if I were to hear any homophobic or threatening remarks, I would not tolerate it. Additionally, I would take time to lead a discussion as to why we should value our differences instead. My goal as a NSO summer leader is to facilitate a supportive and loving atmosphere in which everyone can feel comfortable around each other. Since UH Manoa is known for its diversity, I would like everyone to respect and value our

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