Personal Narrative: My Mother Daughter Relationship

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My mother and I did not share a typical mother/daughter relationship. There was a time when we would not even speak and years would pass before I would even see her again. However, I would always see her when I looked into the mirror, since I looked just like her. I would hear her laugh because our laughs were identical, and small details we shared would remind me of the relationship I was missing, the relationship I felt everyone took advantage of. During my senior year all hope of a possible reconciliation would be lost. I remember the specific feeling, my heart felt as though it was slowly falling through my body, passing all of my organs when I received a message. A message that will impact my life forever. My mother was dying. Jennifer, …show more content…
She never wanted a second child before and then something suddenly changed and she said it was as though God spoke to her and said that this child must be born and she was happy to do so then. Remembering that, I crawled out of my dark hole and began working incredibly hard in school. I always put my full effort in and work hard so that I can prove to my mother that she is right. Losing my mother has taught me to enjoy all the time I have with people and to be incredibly thankful for every second. It has taught me to earn everything and to never back down. It has taught me to be strong, like her, to be loud, like her, and to be happy, like her. Losing my mother, was incredibly saddening but also extremely awakening. Even though my mother could not be there when I graduated high school, or be there when I get married, have children, and start my dream job, she is always by me in spirit. I will miss her bright smile, laugh, and charismatic personality, however, I am quite lucky since I have inherited all of her qualities that I miss. When I have children, or my brother has children, I will tell them all of the good stories and tell them to always remember her. She was an incredibly smart woman who, unfortunately, went down a dark path and could not find her way

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