What Is The Difference Between Loyalty And Honesty

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Do you believe it would be difficult to chose between loyalty and honesty? Ethical decisions are never easy to make, but what if your decision was going to effect those closest to you indefinitely and extensively? My parents got married while my mom was about four months pregnant with me. As far as I can remember, growing up my parents had less than a handful of arguments, they were madly in love, and had a happy marriage. They had my little brother when I was three years old and bought their own home. Everything seemed perfect, that is until I was about 15. My mother started being what I would consider an unsatisfactory parent when I started middle school. She was neglectful, probably borderline abusive and by the time I started high school …show more content…
Ethically, morally, or otherwise, I decided it was best to tell my father what was going on. This came from council from peers as well as my own moral reasoning. I reasoned with myself that my mother, when she was a good mother, taught me to be an honest person. She may have changed into an unfavorable person but, deep down she would know I made the right decision morally. My decision impacted everyone and to this day, I 'm still not quite confident that I made the right choice. In the end, I told my father whom was devastated. The confrontation with my mother turned into months of constant fighting. My mother practically lost her mind and my dad fell into a deep depression. In the middle of my junior year, my mother left and never came back. As terrible as the end of this story sounds because of my decision, good came out of the situation. My father, my brother, and I became very close. We weathered the storm of my moms betrayal, mental breakdown, and abandonment together. My dad was thankful that I was honest with what I found. Even though my mother and I stopped talking for a long time, she changed for the better after she left as well. I hope individually my decision did more good than bad for each member of my

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