Urlin Lloyd Clark III: A Short Story

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No one ever told me family could be deceiving and ruin your outlook on life, I had to learn that on my own. Growing up as a young black lady, my perspective on life was always pretty straightforward: treat people how you want to be treated, always have God in your heart, and know that there is so much I could achieve. Those cornerstones got me through most of my life. I had always been a charismatic, bubbly, lovable spirit. I was always the favorite child, family members adored me and saw me as ¨the one who is going to make it”. That gave me so much energy and joy to keep pushing through life, until truth worked its magic and revealed a secret that no longer could be hidden. Urlin Lloyd Clark III is a very creative man. Being the …show more content…
My mother sat me down on the couch and explained something so spine tingling shattering to me that caused me to have a huge drawback in my life. My mother explained to me that when I was about 2 or 3 years old, I was molested by Urlin Lloyd Clark. My body went numb. I could no longer breath and so many thoughts were racing through my head. This man looked into the eyes of an innocent child and hurt her with no hesitation. Does this mean I am no longer perfect? Why did they keep it from me for so long? Should we continue to communicate? At this moment, I began to question the importance of family as a whole. But I quickly realized I had to stop! Family is there to cheer you on at every debate event. Family supports you in every endeavor you wish to embark on in your future. Family is there to wipe away your tears when you realize you were taken advantage of. Just because this one member chose a bad path and made a horrific mistake, that didn’t mean I had to lose all faith in family. Actually, the complete opposite happened because I realized it was the support and love of my other family member that pushed me to eventually forgive this man. I began to genuinely hope that he found the help he needed to go on a better path. Whether that be rehab, religion, or even

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