Lewis/Williams Family Genogram

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Lewis /Williams Genogram
In this paper will discuss in a written pectoral of my family The Lewis/Williams family origin, genogram and their relationships, social environment, physiological and medical history. The discussions consist of three generational genogram; from both grandparent’s parents and my immediate family system’s origin. The Williams family genogram begins with my Grandmother; Mea Ruth Williams -African American female occupation cook who married Eddie Williams. Eddie Williams was an American Indian and causation occupation, work at the shipyard for 30 years. The Williams grandparents had four children. Lee Williams my father who is deceased, my Aunt Emma Williams occupation retired cook, aunt Ada mea Williams retired cook and
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She wanted to become a star singer in the 1960s and most of her life she pursues her dream; she is an excellent singer, however she never got that break to become a star. My parents never married, but had four children in an abusive relationship; very distant and he was critical and would be defensive by stonewalling when the family tried to get help for him he through these tantrums and walk out.. The oldest child is my sister Alisa Lewis, occupation nurse; no children. She lives in Detroit and we have fused relations and she mostly lived in Tennessee with my mother’s) mother, Grandma Lucy Lewis who mostly raises Alisa. My oldest brother Lee Williams and I had a fused relationship even as children; after school we would attend the afternoon school program. When we came home, he would turn the jump rope for me because we were not allowed to go outside. He uses to tie the ropes on the door knob and turn both the jump ropes; I was jumping double Dutch. The baby sitter Ms. Josephine would watch us and give us a snack until my mother came home; she lived down the hall. Lee my brother grew up and became a construction worker for 25 year, Anya Lewis occupation, social worker, and student and never married; had four children. The youngest brother Eddie Lewis, who lives in Atlanta; he has no children; he always had a distant relationship with the family except mother, moreover, we all love …show more content…
My father made an impact on my life of what type of man not to get involved with; an abusive man, drug addict and a distant father from his children. I remember very well at age- 7-years old my father was very jealous and use to abusive my mother. My mother left my dad in the 70s and went back to school; they had an enmeshed relationship. She received her Master’s in psychology later in the 90s; taking classes whenever she could until graduating. However, my father’s mother came and got me from New York at age 10 years old and raised me. My father began to use drugs in the 70s and later in the1990s he died from AIDs sharing dirty needle with other

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