Personal Narrative: When Divorced Dad

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Independence: When Divorced Parents Make You Stronger “Girls, your mother doesn’t love y’all like I do.” Daddy points out as we drive down the street. He just picked Ashley and I up from Momma’s House, and we get to spend the entire weekend together. I love it when Daddy picks us up. We always have more fun with him than we do with Momma. I’m only six years old, but on weekends with him we get to have fun all weekend. It is always better with Daddy than Momma. We make plans to go to the movies, and eat out on Friday night, which is something that Momma never lets us do. On Saturday, Daddy makes us wake up early. If Momma had done that, I would complain, but since it is our dad, it is okay. After waking us up, we have to clean our room, but …show more content…
Since I am eight-years-old now, Daddy says that Ashley and I can choose to live with him instead of with Mom. If we go to a Judge and say that we want to live with our dad, we get to. After finding this information out, Ashley and I are nervously excited to go home to Mom. We tell Mom and Jeff about how we’re going to live with Dad, but we didn’t think about its repercussions. We spend the next two hours yelling at each other in the living room. It was World War III in our house. I look over at my mom while Ashley and Jeff are fighting, and I can see Mom crying. My heart aches when I see that my mother- usually emotionless- is upset about something that I am causing. Even though this feeling is as strong as the West Texas wind, living with Dad would be so much better because he’s always there, he loves us more than Mom does, and he is more fun. Between the ages of eight and thirteen, Ashley and I have been having the same fight over and over with our mom and step-dad. We’ve always wanted to live with our dad, and all that Mom and Jeff say is that Dad has “brainwashed” us. We deny this, and have continued to fight about this for years. Finally some action is taken. On my fourteenth birthday, Ashley and I get to spend the first solid week with Dad. The three of us have won the battle- the Divorce Decree has changed so that now Daddy gets us every other week. Ashley and I are so ecstatic and can’t wait to see how perfect everything will finally

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