Personal Narrative Essay: Types Of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
I believe I am lacking emotional intelligence because I don’t always manage my emotions well, but I can stay motivated when things are difficult in my life. There are many examples I could use, but I feel like the most recent would work best. Just a couple weeks ago I experienced myself acting irrationally towards my parents and I was neglecting their feelings, it all started when I began college. My parents were having a hard time with the transition of me not being home anymore and they were always calling and texting me wanting to know what I was doing, and it became very aggravating. My parents became too overwhelming and would not leave me alone, I eventually just stop responding for a while or when I was
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I know he sees me as his little girl, but it’s hard on me when even in college, we are getting in little fights that are always taking too far. Just this past week we go into a fight about him and my step mom texting me wondering what I was doing the night I was hanging out with some of my friends, which included some guys and my step mom played the twenty questions game and wanted to know exactly what I was doing and who it was with I simply told her not to worry about it. Well this got back to my dad and he ended calling me asking the same questions, this is when I started to get angry that they couldn’t just let me do what I wanted. I am 18 and still have to tell my parents everything I do. Later I found out that my step mom had been texting my best friend about me and wondering what I had been doing, that’s when I lost it. I had no privacy and I felt trapped. All I could think is why they don’t just trust me to make any smart decisions. I stopped talking to them and they did the same, for a week and a half I didn’t talk to my dad or step mom. Luckily my mom heard and came to visit me and see how I was doing, she worries me, but she knows I can make my own decisions and …show more content…
My dad has always been my hero and helped me learn mostly everything I know. He taught me self-defense which helps him sleep and night. He taught me to never change for some guy and always be myself. Being the only girl with three brothers, I’ll always be his favorite little girl, and I know he would never want anything to happen to me. Being a daddy’s girls still to this day is what’s most important, but sometimes I wish like he trusted me a little more to know right from wrong. They told me that it’s hard to see me leave and hope that they have raised me right, which I took offence to because I have never been a bad kid. Always listen to them and mostly stayed out of trouble. I learned a lot about my emotional intelligence through this experience. I will try not to shut people out when I’m aggravated, and I will show more empathy towards my family and friends feelings. One day my parents won’t be here and I don’t want to look back as and think of the bad times, but all the good ones. Even though my parents can drive me crazy and I know I do the same to them, I just need to get in the good habit of just getting over it and fixing the mistake. I understand why they do it, when I have

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