Why I Want To Continue Education Essay

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As a child it was instilled in me by my parents that I would always have my education no matter what it took. It has been true to this day. I have been forever grateful for the opportunities that I have had as a child to young adult because of them. Although they have helped me tremendously, it would be nothing to them if I hadn’t put in the hard work and dedication that it takes in order to want to learn, excel and grow. I believe that I have done my job to show them why it is even worth it in the first place to help me to continue my education. My parents have always wanted to strive to make sure I receive the best and that I make my own decisions to ensure what I want to do with my life, from this point on they know that I call the shots and they are supportive of me every step of the way with …show more content…
I was very up for the challenge and I do hope that I will be able to continue being involved in something that I find as a release for myself and still have time for studies, but my education does come first for me so if I am not able to be apart of something I pull all my focus and more into school. I know things may change, but as of right now in this moment I hope to do all that I can to succeed and be able to use my resources when needed in order to achieve my goals and make the big steps to becoming a great pharmacist in the future. I want to work towards being able to grow as an individual and always be able to learn new things in different ways, I want to be an example not only for my family but for my culture as a Hispanic woman. I’d like to show what I’m made of, for the ambition over my college career to give a little insight of who I am as a person. There are many things that I want, but I want to be able make them a reality, to overcome the stereotypes affiliated with my culture and show that I am more than

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